Lowrance HDS 7 Fishfinder

Lowrance HDS 7 fishfinder reviewA unit that’s very exceptional in its own right and suitable for newbie and serious anglers alike, the Lowrance HDS7 model was produced with the use of the best cutting edge technology by the Lowrance company.

This fish finder model’s capability is mostly defined by its features. It would best if you look through different fish finder models and compare them carefully in order to truly estimate the suitability and capability of this particular model. Overall, the features of the Lowrance HDS-7 Gen2 are highly advanced, with many great details and features related to the viewing.

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Lowrance HDS 7 Review

  1. Display is of a full-color VGA type with a sizable screen (diagonal of screen being equal to 6.4 inches), and 480 by 640 pixel resolution. Overall, it enables some detailed viewing with excellent quality.
  2. SolarMax, a feature of this display that provides exceptional results with superior lighting quality and the wide-angle view, which is additionally enhanced with sharper image projection.
  3. Keypad back-lighting, which is great for adjusting the settings necessary for better night viewing, using zero-dim mode. With its help, you will be able to use your unit effectively and comfortably without regard to the time of the day.
  4. Pure White LED screen, which is a type of screen with a high-resolution capability. It allows the user to receive sharp bottom images, more clean pictures of all the fish targeted, as well as enhanced overall display clarity.
  5. Insight Mapping, a feature that is in-built and allows you to come up with using a chart-plotter to create your own maps out of the collected data.
  6. GPS, complete with an in-built antenna to estimate and inform about the user’s positioning when he is fishing out there. With 16-channel internal receiver it is possible for the user to maintain the current fishing spot by effectively locking his/her position – and the whole locking process will be completed in a manner that’s rather fast, due to this impressive number of channels.
  7. Pre-loaded cartography, the available set is Insight USA, and it comes with clear mapping of the inland and coastal areas (complete with full details of great lakes’ contours and shorelines). The various hotspots used for fishing are also marked here with detailed information. Also it’s worth noting that the bottom structure images, as well as the topography images, come out strikingly life-like thanks the included contour shading feature.


The aforementioned features aside, there is a number of equally important points to understand if you are to learn the full capabilities of this unit:

-Transducer, which basically fulfills the function of antenna for the whole sonar unit. The transducer is responsible for the reception (from the transmitter) and subsequent conversion of electrical energy into a sound of certain frequency, which is then used to reveal the underwater areas. It is best to ensure that sonar unit frequency and the transducer frequency match each other. Of course, a transducer that is able to receive impulses for a high power transmitter and then change most of them into the sound energy would be the most suitable one.

-Display, its size, and resolution, which are all very important aspects for a fish-finder unit. And this is the reason of Lowrance HDS-7 model boasts a 480 by 640 pixels high resolution – it allows you an almost life-like perspective in regard to seeing fish or other objects located a large distance away from you. The 6.4 size of the screen also is large enough for looking at the images projected without any need to strain your eyes.

-Power, with a peak-to-peak output of 30000Watts and normal power output 250Watts. Such power levels allow the Lowrance HDS-7 to produce the minimal amount of noise even when functioning inside a boat which runs at high speeds while still keeping excellent performance and depth capability.

-Portability, an important feature for many users. Purchasing a device that offers high portability means that you will be able to move it easily between different places. As Lowrance HDS-7 is just this kind of fish finder, which makes it a personal favorite of many anglers. While using it, you can fix this device on the hull if necessary. This will provide better performance, and once its work is done, it can be dismantled back very easily.

-User-friendliness and the ease of use. In this regard, HDS-7 is a fish finder that is user-friendly enough, and can be operated effortlessly by an angler of just any skill level. This factor is reinforced by some of its features, for example, the inclusion of a keypad back-lighting. With this feature, even when operating under dim or non-existent light condition, the user will be able to operate this fish finder device without problems – the only requirement is an additional adjustment of keypad’s light settings.


Comparison to Other Fish Finder Models

We would like to compare the Lowrance HDS-7 to the model located on the opposite sides of the fish finder models spectrum. While NorCross HawkEye F33P can fit in the palm of your hand and has a compact design overall, the Lowrance HDS-7 is a lot more powerful (and much bigger, as expected). NorCross Hawkeye does not feature a pre-loaded cartography while HDS 7 is equipped with this ability. And while most of the light models out there lack in this department, there are a lot of other features included in this fish finder model by the Lowrance,

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