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Lowrance elite-4x DSI fishfinder ReviewSuited for anglers who are looking for high-performance capability, the Lowrance elite-4x DSI is commonly regarded as a fish finder model of high quality. Lowrance is known to be a leading company in marine electronics, and the first sonar equipment that was consumer-based was produced by them. It’s original goal is still set on assisting the anglers to locate the great amounts of fish and, of course, catch it.

To make their fishing more productive and interesting, it is best for the fishermen to use a fish finder such as Lowrance elite-4x DSI since it is able to provide them with necessary kind of service. With it, the feat of locating and tracking fish (be it in their hiding places or in the open waters). The many unique features present in this Lowrance model definitely make it possible, as seen in the information provided below:

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Lowrance elite-4x DSI Review


  1. DSI transducer – a sonar transducer, which projects the fish locations in the form of sharp, accurate and clear images. This is achieved with the help of receiving the targeted position via information encoded in the echo. This transducer is able to display the separate frequency pulses (both low and high), as it features a dual frequency of 83 by 200. With such level of frequency, the device keeps its reliability when used on the high speeds, and can be used in shallow waters and deep waters alike.
  2. Screen with measurements of 3.5 inches, and a 320 x 240 resolution which is great since it enables you to view very detailed versions of the images projected. The LED screen of this model shows some lively colors, and there is a number of background color structures for the user to select from. With such a feature, you will be able to view and read any significant data from this fish finder’s screen without regard to the time of the day, which is very handy.
  3. Split screen mode of viewing, which provides the user with full screen or side screen mode and the dual viewing options.
  4. Down scanning imaging, which makes any underwater photos projected with all high-quality details preserved, making them easy to interpret.
  5. Back Tracking, a feature that allows you to review and rewind the sonar history for your device and give it a more thorough reading. So in case some important facts were skipped, the opportunity to look at the previous images taken comes handy.
  6. SD card-slot, the main function of which is providing the help in disclosing a full map of the area surrounding your current position, which is achieved by loading Navionic charts. These charts come with data such as your boat’s tracks, saved way-points, and its trail. The way-points are basically the recorded positions of your boat, including all the routing points and the targeted areas that you might require.
  7. Internal GPS, which is a quite useful feature. With it, the distance and positioning of all the areas you have pin-pointed are calculated accurately with a slew of various options for the user to enjoy.


You shouldn’t overlook a number of important factors if you really want to understand the effectiveness of the Lowrance elite-4x DSI. These include;

  • Transducer, which is a dual-frequency DSI sonar in this model, is an important feature which allows the fish finder device to project accurate, sharp and clear images that describe the underwater structure as well as the fish locations with the help of an echo.
  • Display, its size, and resolution. In case of Lowrance elite-4x, the resolution is comparatively high and equals to 320 by 240, ensuring the clear and crisp quality of your images. The screen size equals to 3.5 inches, which is also a great contribution to the overall advanced image projection and viewing quality seen in this fish finder device.
  • Power. The power output in the Lowrance elite-4x equals to 2800Watts (peak to peak), and it also has 350W output while on RMS. This power output is high enough, and so even when used at high speeds, you will get an optimum performance and minimal noise levels while using your device.
  • Portability. Of course, the best kind of fish finder is the one able to switch between the fixed mode and a portable mode whenever necessary. The mounting bracket of the Lowrance elite-4x DSI has a quick release function, which you can use to fix the device securely to your boat whenever required. This kind of mounting bracket is also easily dismantleable, allowing you to carry this fishfinder from one place to another.
  • User-friendliness and the ease of use. This device is user friendly to the point of providing an ability to choose a preferred color palette for the display. And not only that, you can also choose for it to match with the present weather and water conditions.


The Lowrance elite-4x has the following pros and cons:

Its pros are of course the high degree of user-friendliness and the fair price if you take its quality standard into account.

Its cons are the requirement for the transducer to be submerged into water (which, depending on a kayak, may be tricky), and the lack of such functions as fish identification and fish alarm – which normally are very useful.


How does this fish finder compare?

You can check our homepage if you want to compare Lowrance Elite 4x DSI to the other models, using an interactive comparison table. Before making a final decision to buy this fish finder model, making such comparisons could prove useful.

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