Humminbird Piranhamax 175 FishFinder

Humminbird Piranhamax 175PiranhaMax 175 is a new representative of Humminbird fishfinders, which differs from its predecessors by the updated design and ability to be installed directly to your control panel without using any additional adapters. These and many other unique features place this model in the same row as most of the high-class fish finders.

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Humminbird PiranhaMax 175 Review

The screen resolution is now 240 x 160 pixels. In addition to improved image quality, the PiranhaMax 175 display can already show 16 shades of gray. Along with the external updates, there have been made some internal changes as well. For example, the dual beam sonar has become even more powerful. Now it has 1600 Watts of power output and operates at frequencies of 200/455 kHz.

This PiranhaMax uses technology in which the two beams emit high-frequency waves, the reflected signals are recorded by sonar sensor and used to construct a picture of the bottom, fish and all other underwater objects. The waves also help to indicate the distance from the objects to the sensor. The maximal distance such sonar can detect objects at is six hundred feet. This model is one of the most reasonably priced, especially among those equipped with dual beam sonar.

The one thing that is often considered to be a disadvantage of the PiranhaMax 175 is its grayscale display. In the area of colorful and full-resolution screens, it seems strange to produce devices with such old-school displays, but Humminbird foresaw everything. They have created really exclusive fish finders. The expensive dual beam was placed together with the low-cost display. As a result, a customer got an affordable model with high-class technical characteristics. Thanks to the LED backlight, even in the brightest sun or under the cloudiest sky you will see a clear picture on your screen.

What Comes with the 175 by Humminbird?

This fish finder can be easily set and removed from the dashboard on any boat. That is why it is very convenient for anglers who like to rent yachts or small ships. In order to make PiranhaMax 175 even more portable, together with the device, you will get a suction cup and carrying case, as well as 7 AH battery and battery charger.

Customers Overview

PiranhaMax 175 got four out of five stars from our customers. They gave this model such a great rating because of its simplicity and effective work. This device won’t give you a possibility to look through maps or navigate through your last waypoints, but it will perfectly perform its primary function, which is finding fish and showing you the obstructions under the water. This model is especially recommended for the beginners who need something easy to work with. However, experienced anglers also love using it because it is very convenient to transport while travelling. Many buyers have purchased the PiranhaMax 175 as he second fish finder because they needed to have a more portable device. Valued at $627.54, this model is very accurate and long-lasting.

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