Humminbird Piranhamax 160 FishFinder

Humminbird Piranhamax 160 fishfinder reviewWhen it comes to fish-finders, anglers have many different options to select from. Produced by the Marine Electronics Group of Johnson Outdoors, this particular Hummingbird Piranhamax 160 model boasts some of the best technology of aforementioned manufacturer.

Therefore, not only is this unit able to detect the fish, but it can also indicate how large of a fish it is. It can be used on the boats as well as the ships, and not many fish are able to escape from it’s targeting capabilities and high performance.

The performance capability of the Humminbird Piranhamax 160 is exceptional, with a number of outstanding features contributing to it.

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Humminbird Piranhamax 160 Review

  • Gray-scale display of 8-levels. This display comes with 4 inches screen size, and 260 by 160 resolution. This resolution is high and allows the user to get a clear picture of anything that happens below the water. Even the direct sunlight isn’t a problem for this type of display
  • Fish identification, which works with the help of sonar processing. The screen highlights a fish icon whenever the finder locates the fish. It is also possible to identify the size of the fish based on the strength of the returned sonar signal.
  • Fish alarm, which the user can set up. It will then notify the user once any fish enters the area of coverage. The notification itself can be set at a depth up to 98 feet. This means that within this range, any moving fish will be automatically targeted, and the user will start to receive alerts. The notification type itself depends on the voice settings of the user.
  • Dual beam feature, which helps to increase the fish finder unit’s coverage area. Operating at sonar ray of 200/83 kHz, it makes the unit capable of operating in deep waters (does not matter salty or fresh).
  • There is, however, a number of factors that can affect fishfinder’s depth capability, in this case, the transducer installation, current water conditions, the actions of wave, and the speed of the boat itself.
  • Power output of 1600 Watts (point to point). Since the unit operates on such a high power output, it is able to provide exceedingly high-performance capabilities.


The strengths of the Humminbird Piranhamax 160 unit can be seen (the aforementioned features aside), in several additional aspects which include:

1066409Transducer, which is a part of the fishfinder unit that sends the sound waves out and serves to provide a decent view of the area beneath the water surface. The cone angle is probably the most important feature here, since the larger it is, the larger is the area that can be covered by the transducer. The Piranhamax 160 model operates at high enough frequencies of 200/83 kHz, which are the main reason for this fish finder to perform well even if used in shallow waters.

1066409Display, the main parameters of which are its size, and the screen’s resolution capability. The resolution of Hummingbird Piranhamax model’s screen is 260 by 160 pixels and the screen itself measures 4 inches. The screen type is LCD, which means that the images projected will be clear and sharp. With the help of its keypad lighting, the user will be able to work even in the dim or near dark lighting without problems.

1066409Power, which is measured in Watts, is an important parameter for a fish-finder. If you see a high wattage, know that you are looking at a compelling and effective device. In the case of Piranhamax, the power output equals to 1600 peak to peak 200 Watts (RMS), which translates to it’s great effectiveness in the water.

1066409The degree of portability. To an angler that would mean the division into fixed fishfinders and the portable ones, which depends on several factors. A portable fishfinder such as Humminbird Piranhamax 160.  will be required if you are an angler that chooses to hire a boat each time you go for fishing. After choosing a suitable location for it – be it stern, hull, or trolling engine – you will be able to mount the fish finder on the said location easily. Its subsequent removal will be equally easy.

1066409User-friendliness and the ease of use. In the case of Piranhamax 160, the device has no menus that are difficult so it is certainly user-friendly. All that’s required is to power it up and the device will start locating the fish within seconds. As the settings are changed automatically in order to target the fish located far off into the water, this fish finder can be considered a “smart device”.


Other Fishfinder Models Comparison

Probably the best way for an angler to know more about the fish-finder unit, its weaknesses and strengths, is to compare it with the other fishfinder models. Learning this information will allow you to make the final decision when it comes to buying the unit that is the most suitable for your needs.

For example, we can compare the Humminbird Piranhamax 160 to the Garmin 276c. While the former has a gray-scale 8-level display and 260 by 160-pixel resolution of its 4-inch LCD screen, the Garmin 276c only provides a smaller 3.8 inches TFT screen which has a resolution of 480 by 320.

The interactive chart on our homepage will allow you to find the other comparisons as well.

The pros and cons of this Piranhamax 160 unit are listed below:

plusThe pros are of course it’s high effectiveness regarding the depth and temperature reading, and the fairly affordable price.

w256h2561339252558DeleteRedThe cons are the low effectiveness when used in foggy and rainy conditions (the water starts condensating around unit’s ages and makes the data reading difficult). Also, some customers claim that should the temperatures rise, the screen becomes barely visible, and that this unit only works great when used under low temperatures.

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