Humminbird ICE 35 Fishfinder

Humminbird ICE 35 FishFinder ReviewHumminbird ICE 35 is a reliable fishfinder for you to increase your catch and locate good fishing spots. With the help of its groundbreaking features, you will be able to take the ice fishing to completely new level. A favorite model of many people, Humminbird ICE 35 is a trusted source of all the information required for fishing and provides you with many unique features and overall effective service.

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Humminbird ICE 35 Review

The features of Humminbird ICE 35 include  a triple-colored flasher display that provides the latest fiber optic technology in order to easily analyze the collected data complete a better view under the sunlight with the help of an overlap depth scale; zooming feature that is highly adjustable and therefore able to provide the user a clear view of any part of the water column. The depth capability of this model equals to 200 ft. The switch pad of 4 buttons provides the ability to finely tune gain, zoom, noise, as well as a variety of beam selections. This model is equipped with dual beam (complete with a 9/19 degree transducer) and has a shuttle mount fitted with a gimbal bracket. The total power output equals to 800 watts, and there are a rechargeable battery and 12-volt charger included in the package. The user is also provided with the ability to check the current condition of flashers power via the battery status display.

There is a set of additional important factors that provide the enhanced performance of this product as well as its uniqueness. These include unit’s size and design – which make it very portable, and it can also be mounted securely for better use. It is important to note that the power output (which is up to 800 watts) is peak to peak. In other words, it was measured at its highest levels. Such a high power output comes with benefits such as improved depth capacity, ability to identify very small targets, as well as the ability to eliminate noise. The flasher display provides some crystal clear images (even when used under bright light), so the presence of such a display makes the fish finder easy to use – as the user will be able to interpret the pictures or images collected more correctly. Aside of this technology ensuring user-friendly interpretation capabilities and quick operation, the 4 depth scale presented allows for excellent readability as well.

Important! The transducer needs to be immersed into the water if one wants to get accurate transducer detection. The transducer itself is a valuable component of the Humminbird ICE 35. Once the receiver projects the electrical energy, the transducer – once suspended beneath the ice or water surface – transforms it into the sound waves. These mechanical pulses are later displayed on the flasher dial’s screen after being converted back to electrical signals.


There are pros and cons of Humminbird ice 35 model as seen below:

1066409Pros are that this model is overall very user-friendly, its LED screen allows the user to view it from different angles, and the display can be easily interpreted, being triple-colored and providing great clarity thanks to an adjustable zoom feature.

w256h2561339252558DeleteRedThe only cons we can really name is that it can be quite noisy while working.

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