Humminbird Fishfinder 581i Combo

Humminbird 581i Combo Fishfinder 581i ReviewThe best way to get a good catch is to choose the right fishfinder, but this task isn’t as easy as it might seem from the first glance as an angler should know all the features and characteristics to be able to select the best one. And the fishfinder 581i Combo from the Humminbird company is considered to be one of the most reliable, qualitative and durable. In this unit, all the modern technologies were used to make the fishing as pleasant and quick as it is only possible.

Having such a finder, one may not worry about the marine environment and fishing conditions. It should be also mentioned that the Humminbird 581i Combo is equipped with a lot of exceptional features that should definitely be written in order to see the whole picture and understand everything about the unit.

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Humminbird 581i Review

  1. Advanced fishing systems

– There is a special WeatherSense gauge that is present in the unit as well as a downrigger with interlink for different units.

  1. Programmable buttons

– There are three special though different knobs. Their main aim is to show the best views of the underwater situation.

  1. Super high resolution

– The bigger the resolution is the better and clearer picture you get. You may adjust the settings to a specific area you are interested in and get the pictures of it. The picture quality displayed on the screen is extremely important as it means the overall result of the fishing and catch. The resolution of a Humminbird 581i Combo is 640 by 320- is a really high resolution.

  1. Screen

– The size of the screen is really significant as it shows the picture and all the data about the fish or other creatures. In cases with a small screen, one will have to get closer to the display to read the information. But that is not the case with the 581i Combo as it is equipped with a 5” inch screen, moreover, it is Grayscale.

  1. Dual beam

– The sonar system of this particular fishfinder is 200/83 KHZ that lets it cover quite a large area.

– The dual beam feature has an additional beam which lets an angler make the preferable or chosen area wider as well as see the depth. If the depth is 20 feet and the coverage area is also 20 ft width then it is a really good example.

– The dual beam feature can be used anytime – day and night, anywhere – deep or shallow waters and in any type of water – be it sea, river or lake.

  1. Internal GPS

– The main goal of the internal GPS is to first of all work together with the sonar and secondly determine the location where an angler is. The clear and accurate underwater situation will also be always available thanks to the map on the grid.

– Apart from that, an angler will be capable of seeing the speed and his heading.


All the above-mentioned features are not complete and, therefore, a few more points should be said and taken into consideration by the anglers, in order to make the final right decision.


One of the first things an angler should pay attention to is the transducer as it is one of the most significant and often used features. Thanks to it, the energy transmits through the water and creates sound waves that let the fisherman know about the fish amount etc. After the beam back is reflected, it is processed by the fishfinder and the accurate and clear picture is displayed of the screen.

Display/Screen (Size and Resolution)

The size of the screen plays a very important role in the selection of the finder. The Humminbird 581i Combo offers a 5”inch screen that is really comfortable to see the images and read the data. Also, this screen protects your eyes from any strains that might happen when looking at the minute pictures. The resolution is also very high, to be precise- 640 by 320 pixel. With such a resolution one is capable of seeing all the fish, determine its type as well as how far or deep it is.

Note* the higher the resolution of a fishfinder is, the better pictures a fisherman will get.


The power in such devices as fishfinders is measured in watts/peak to peak. In case with the Humminbird 581i Combo, it has a power output of 250 watts.

Note* the more power the fishfinder is capable of producing, the better it is for the fisherman as it allows him to see the fish even at long distances. Also when moving on a high speed, the performance stays as excellent as when the vessel doesn’t move.

Fixed or portable

There exist two kinds of fishfinders: portable and fixed. As the size of the 581i Combo it really small and compact, it consequently belongs to portable models. It can be taken anywhere and anytime due to its lightweight. Also with a simple finger click, one can select different settings that are proposed on the interface.

Easy to use

When using this particular fishfinder, no manual will be needed as it is user-friendly and understandable even for amateurs. That’s why this model can be used by both professional skilled anglers as well as beginners.

As all the units, the Humminbird 581i Combo has its advantages and disadvantages. They are the following:


–    The variety of exceptional features makes the unit very modern and effective

–    Very easy to use, consequently not only professionals can use and operate it.


–    Sometimes the Grayscale feature gives not very precise image of the underwater situation