Humminbird 998c Fishfinder

Humminbird 998с fishfinder reviewThe Humminbird 998с Si is the most advanced model on the market thanks to its exceptional and unique features. It is easy to operate and consequently is suitable for all anglers with different experience, starting from low and finishing with professional. All the latest and most modern technologies and features were included in this model manufactured by Humminbird.

The main aim of this particular fishfinder is to find the location of the big amount of fish, thereby increase the catch. Apart from basic features, it also includes the GPS, temperature and depth, chart plotting and tracking. All these features will increase your catch in a few times.

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Humminbird 988с SI

  • The screen size is the whole 8 inches. Moreover, it is colorful and with high resolution for viewing detailed and accurate images.
  • The double beam sonar is 200/82 KHZ and the power output is 1000 watts/peak to peak.
  • Thanks to the side and down sonar, every angler will be capable of making an extremely precise and sharp pictures of the sea/river bottom.
  • Exceptional and unique sonar features also include the following: freeze frame, echo enhancement, sonar window, divided screen zoom and image update.
  • The GPS map also comes with an external antenna, that is highly capable of detecting fish wherever  it is.
  • Apart from the GPS map, there is also the XD map, the purpose of which is to demonstrate the US coastline, lakes and inland rivers.
  • The internal memory cable covers 2750 waypoints, 50 trails and 45 courses.


But all these features is not all, the Humminbird 988c SI offers. There are a few more features that should be taken into consideration before buying:


The transducer plays one of the most important roles in the whole fishing process as it finds the location of the fish due to the sound waves. Yet another its function is to produce clear, accurate a visible side and down images.

Display/Screen (Size and Resolution)

The screen in this particular model is very big, to be precise 8 inch” and the resolution is high too – 480 by 800 pixel. The higher the resolution is the better pictures of the objects and sea/river bottom the fisherman will get. All this is possible thanks to the split screen zoom capabilities. The images that are processed by the fishfinder and later displayed on the screen will always be crystal clear even if the sunlight is direct or too bright. The data and information written on the screen will give you a very precise understanding about the area of your interest.


The power in such units as the fishfinders is measured in watts/ peak to peak and speaking about the Humminbird 988c SI its power output is 1000 watts – that’s is a really good result.

Note* the more powerful the finder is, the better performance it shows.

Easy to use

This model is considered to be user-friendly as even though it has multiple unique features, they are easy to operate and the unit to use. Therefore, it makes the 988c SI model from the Humminbird brand suitable for both professional and amateur fishermen. To make it even easier, it offers a Feet manual for the owner. These are the reasons why it is so popular among all the anglers all over the Globe.

Fixed or portable

The Humminbird 988c SI belongs to portable models though it can easily be assembled to the dash or any other place thanks to the mounting system. Due to the Mounting system, it will never fall into the water as it is tightly and securely held.

As all the products and appliances, the fishfinders are not an exception and have both advantages and disadvantages. They are the following:


–    very easy to put the unit together.

–    the software updates, therefore enabling the fishfinder to perform at its best way.

–    The navigation screen is very simple, consequently there will not be any problems with the adjusting of the settings.

–    All the video recordings and all the displayed images and pictures on the screen can be saved to the SD card slot.



–    The price of this model may be under the question for those fishermen, who have a limited budget. As some consumers say – it might be expensive for casual anglers.

–    When using the screen it might get dirty too fast. But there always a way out and solving this one, one should only use a screen protector

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