Humminbird 788ci FishFinder

Humminbird 788ci FishFinder ReviewThere exist so many different fishfinders produced by different companies that sometimes it is extremely hard to choose the one that will suit an angler most of all. However, speaking about the Humminbird manufacturer, they produce one of the best fishfinders that help every fisherman to receive the results he wants. Among all the models especially popular is the Humminbird 788ci – it is very reliable, portable, with multiple features and, of course, excellent performance.

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Humminbird 788ci Review

  1. Resolution

–    Resolution is one of the most significant features that should be taken into consideration when buying a fishfinder, and speaking about the 788ci model its resolution is 640 by 640 pixel – that is a really good result. Also remember, the higher the resolution is, the better images an angler will get.

–    Having such a great resolution the unit is capable of catching very small fish or other creatures even if they are at a very long distance.

–    The screen also plays a very important role as it helps to see all the data and images processed by the fishfinder. The Humminbird 788ci screen is colorful; all the images that are displayed are clear, sharp and visible. One will never be able to get such results with a small sized screen.

  1. Double beam plus

–    The sonar system is 200/83 KHZ and the area it is able to cover is very big.

–    The central beam focus has a zoom with an extra beam that expands the area you wish to cover and combine it with the depth.

–    As the double beam is split, the returns can be seen in a few ways: side by side, separately or all mixed together.

–    No matter what the weather conditions are or marine environment is, the most important is that this unit will work in any circumstances as well as in salt and fresh water.

  1. Depth capacity

–    This particular model from the Humminbird brand is capable of going down of up to 1500 feet.

–    With the help of such depth, every fisherman will be able to make an analysis of the sea or river bottom without any difficulties.

  1. Internal GPS

– The internal GPS of the 788ci model offers 50 channels that give an opportunity to measure and count the distance and location to the preferable and chosen areas.

  1. SD Card

– There is only one card slot and it is used to load in Navionics LakeMaster charts.

– This chart is also able to include the boat trail, save all the waypoints and selected tracks. By pinning a specific point, you will be able to know and remember which areas you have already visited.

These five above-mentioned features are not everything the Humminbird 788ci is able to propose. There are much more features it is equipped with. They are:


The transducer is one the most necessary and often used features as it helps an angler to understand where the fish is with the help of sound waves. The transducer should be kept underwater for better performance and great catch.


The Humminbird 788ci offers a 5” inch screen that is way better than its competitors with smaller displays. It is a TFT screen and therefore it always produces clear, visible and sharp images of the underwater objects. An angler can also adjust light settings that will let him go fishing day and night without having problems with a strain on the eyes.


Power in such devices as fishfinders is measured in watts/peak to peak and speaking about the 788 ci model its power output is 500 watts. Remember, the bigger the power output is, the better performance the finder will demonstrate. In this case better performance means, for instance, detecting of even small object that are deep under the water or at a long distance. Also it reduces the noise, yet keeps working excellent even at high speed and depth proficiency.

Fixed and Portable

As the size of the Humminbird 788ci is compact, it belongs to portable fishfinders. Though one has an opportunity to fix it to any type of vessel, in order to have the hands free.

Easy to use

This exceptional fishfinder is suitable for both professionals and amateurs as it is easy to use and manipulate, without using any tips from the included manual. As the interface is user-friendly too, it will be very simple to adjust any settings you wish and later see the results on a 5” inch screen.

Comparison with other models

When making a final decision, one should know the difference among different models. And if we, for example, compare the Humminbird 788ci with Lowrance elite 4x, we will see the following differences. First of all it is the distinction in screen size. While the Humminbird 788ci proposes 5” inch screen, the Lowrance elite 4x only 3.5-inch screen. The second distinction is in resolution. The resolution of the Humminbird 788ci is 640 by 640, whereas Lawrence elite 4x only 320 by 240 pixel and that is twice smaller. That’s why knowing the differences among different models is very important as it will help you to make the best buy.

All the units and products have both advantages and disadvantages and fishfinders are not an exception. Here are the strengths and weaknesses of the Humminbird 788ci:


–    Very easy to operate even for amateurs

–    Durable and portable

–    Big bright display with incredible resolution lets an angler see everything that is happening underwater in great details.


–    A little expensive (not for every budget)

–    The TFT screen consumes more power

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