Humminbird 597ci hd FishFinder

humminbird 597ci hd reviewMany producers promise us the newest technologies and the widest range of options, but all we users need is a simple interface and programming that makes fishing comfortable.  The Humminbird 408120-1 Fishfinder 597ci HD DI Combo is said to be the device that makes the life of a fisherman much easier . Today we are going to look closer at this model and check if it’s true. We will tell you all about its features and functioning, including the drawbacks (if there are some). Our review will also include customers’ comments and the rating based on them.

If you are sailing on the water, you want to be sure that your navigator detects all barriers and obstructions. That is when the Humminbird 408120-1 Fishfinder 597ci HD DI Combo is so indispensable. This device does not only track fish, more importantly, it guarantees your safety on the water.

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Humminbird 597ci HD Review

There is nothing more convenient to use while navigating as the built-in map of the Humminbird 408120-1. Plus, this device is equipped with the in-dash mount, which makes route development even more pleasant. For more safety, a user should navigate with the side imaging technology, which constantly shows situation under the boat. It makes an angler see all the obstructions below the water.

A very interesting and unique for Humminbird fish finders is the SwithFire technology. It allows you to see everything that goes under the water up to seventy feet down. You can also trace your fish target even if it is only a foot beneath your boat.  The reason why this technology is so good is its sensitive rays, which trace every movement under the water.

Another important feature of this fish finder is the five-inch display, the lower part of which comprises imaging sonar.

The Coolest Features of This Fish Finder

If you order the Humminbird 408120-1 Fishfinder, in addition to four-thousand-watts dual sonar and high-resolution screen with LED backlit feature, you will get more than three thousand maps of lakes located on the territory of the U.S.  This device also comes with the installation cables and hardware, mounting stand, transom mount transducer and manual.

Customers’ Opinion

This model has a pretty good rating. Users have given it three stars out of five. The features that were named as the most attractive were affordability, convenient GPS and simple-to-use interface.

Even though most of the customers were happy with all the technologies that allowed them to see many details under the water, others complained that these details forbade them from seeing the fish, or even the baitfish.

The split screen was also among the features named as especially useful. Customers have found it very convenient to be able to see pictures from both types of sonar. Another important characteristic of the display is that its screen works well under any conditions, including the sunlight.

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