Humminbird 561 FishFinder

Humminbird 561 fishfinder reviewThe Humminbird Company produces a lot of different fishfinders and each their device is unique, reliable, qualitative, with many extraordinary features and, of course, every finder is suitable for unpredictable weather conditions and situations.

Therefore speaking about the Humminbird 561 fishfinder it was specially manufactured for all possible sea environments. Apart from that it is very easy to use, consequently even a beginner will have no difficulties dealing with this unit. These are the main reasons why it is so popular among both professional and amateur anglers. Yet there are still some more features that are exceptional and thanks to which the whole finder is capable of showing the best results comparing with its competitors.

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Humminbird 561 Review

  1. Switch Fire Sonar:

– The fishing and marine conditions can be very different every time you go fishing, therefore in order to have everything under control, such feature as the switch fire sonar was created. With its help, one can easily adjust any settings depending on the conditions and situation.

– Apart from its main purpose, it also controls the display of the sonar returns that are projected on the sonar views.

– The modes are clear and maximum.

– When the mode is on maximum, one sees everything that is happening under water in great details and can without any problems determine the type of fish. Though in some cases it is hard for beginners, though no problem for skilled fishermen.

Speaking about the clear mode, it is, on the contrary, more preferable and suitable for novice, because the sonar only demonstrates the structure of the fish and reduces all the clutter and mess that might be around.

  1. Split-Fire Sonar:

– In case if you have two different sonar returns with the help of split fire feature, you will be able to zoom in and compare them.

– As the screen is divided, the split fire sonar will let you see the sonar returns on both parts of the display.

  1. Preferable Fish and its Identification:

– The main aim of this feature is to let the angler know the real size of the fish as well as how far and deep it is. Knowing this data, it will be much easier and quicker to make the catch.

– In order to see the potential catch/fish, one should turn the identification on and the fish that is near will be displayed on the screen.

  1. True Arch:

– The true arch feature helps to avoid and reduce all kinds of noise and any interference, resulting in good visibility and high-quality sonar visuals.

– The sonar beam is 60 degrees width and due to this fact it is capable of producing true fish arches. One more pro of producing fish arches is the dual plus beam and the sonar receiver working together at the same time.


All these features are not complete and, therefore, a few more advanced and exceptional points should be taken into consideration. These features of the Humminbird 561 fishfinder include the following:



The main and fundamental purpose of any transducer is to let the fisherman see all the fish and other creatures under the water with the help of sound waves. The feature that determines the covered area is the cone angle, therefore it is so significant. The frequency of this particular model is 200 and 83 KHZ. For better results, the transducer should be kept underwater as only in this way it will find fish.


Display/Screen (Size and Resolution)

The display plays one of the most important roles in the whole fishing process as thanks to it the angler is capable of seeing fish. The Humminbird 561 fishfinder is equipped with a 5” inch screen that is very good and also a high pixel resolution- 320 by 320. When selecting a fishfinder, one should remember the fact that the higher the resolution is the better image you will get.

Apart from that there is also a grey scale that shows the areas with a big amount of fish and displays it on the screen in a form of an image that is always clear and visible.



The power in such devices as fishfinders is measured in watts/ peak to peak. That’s why speaking about the Humminbird 561 model it operates with the power output of 4000 watts. This number means that the unit is very effective and extremely powerful.



There are two kinds of fishfinders any angler may choose from: fixed and portable. The portable finders are more suitable for those fishermen who rent boats or vessels and as soon as they end up fishing they can take it with them anytime and anywhere as it is very portable and not heavy. And the Humminbird 561 is exactly the same – portable and lightweight. Portability means an opportunity to adjust the transducer at any desirable place or remove it after the process whereas with fixed type of fishfinder one won’t be able to do that. Fixed finders are more suitable for those, who have their own boats.


Easy to use

As it was mentioned at the very beginning, the Humminbird 561 is very easy to use and manipulate for both skilled anglers and beginners. It has a screen of a high quality where it is easy to read all the data and information, yet see the fish. The navigating menu is also very simple. Even a beginner will be capable of finding and detecting the fish from the first attempt.


Comparison of the humminbird 561 with other models

When choosing the right and suitable fishfinder, one should read as much as he can in order to get to know all the distinctions among the preferable models. For instance, comparing the Humminbird 561 with the Garmin 276 c, we can see that there is a difference in size screen and resolution. The Humminbird proposes 5”inch screen with the pixel resolution of 320 by 320 whereas the Garmin 276c is equipped with a 3.8” inch screen, though 480 by 320-pixel resolution.

One more difference is the presence of the TrueArch feature in the Humminbird 561 model, whereas the Garmin 276c doesn’t have this feature at all.


As all the units and fishfinders are not an exception, the Humminbird 561 has both advantages and disadvantages. Here they are:



–    Easy to use and operate

–    The screen size is 5” inches, great visibility of the images

–    Sonar performance is really incredible and impressive



–    Though the screen is big, it easily fogs up

–    The mounting base is a little too big and it makes it difficult to adjust

–    The absence of the speed chart.

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