Humminbird 140c Fishfinder

Humminbird 140c Fishfinder ReviewThe fishfinder 140c from the Humminbird company is what every angler needs as it gives an opportunity to fish anytime, anywhere and with any type of boat. This finder will help you to see the fish in any weather conditions and in any circumstances. The amount of fish you catch will also increase in a few times.

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Humminbird 140c Review

Also, this model includes everything a modern and skilled fisherman may wish for:

  1. Display/Screen:

–    The size of the screen is 3.5 inch, plus a pixel resolution of a 320 by 240.

–    The images one sees on the screen when they are displayed are colorful that gives a better understanding of fish type. Also, it has a back-lightning.

–    The back lighting is aimed at demonstrating perfect job even when it is dark (during the night) or in dim, rainy weather conditions.

–    As the display is colorful, one is capable of seeing echoes with increased clarity. Apart from that, when you see a colorful image, you understand the echoes strengths measurements as well the size and softness of a fish or any underwater creature.

  1. Frequency:

–    The frequency of the Humminbird 140 с model is 200 KHZ, thanks to such frequency the fishfinder shows great performance and balance whatever the conditions are. Also, the depth capability is 240 feet.

–    The finder can go down deeper than 240 ft but only in case if the resolution settings will be lower but that will make the picture not so clear.

  1. Sidefinding:

–    This special feature is aimed at making clear and accurate pictures especially for recreational fishermen

–    The coverage is 180 degrees and the depth is 120 ft on both sides of the boat

–    Such clear images can be made by using the wide side to side beam

–    The side finding can be adjusted to any side of the boat, as it doesn’t make much difference which one you choose, as the main idea is to catch more fish with its help.

  1. Extandable shaft:

– the shaft extends from 24”inches to 40.

– it is suitable for small or middle sized boats, as in this way it will reach the water whereas, in case with a big vessel, it might not happen.

  1. Power:

– The power in such devices as fishfinders is measured in watts/peak to peak point. Speaking about the Humminbird 140c its power is 1000 watts.

– As the power is really impressive, it makes the whole performance of the unit incredible and unique.

Looking at all these features, it is clear that this particular unit from the Humminbird company is unique in its own way. You can always rely on it and trust it. However, there are some more features that should be taken into consideration. They are the following:



The transducer is built-in and is 24 inches, that gives one a possibility to use it at any type of boat/vessel and also the frequency of the Humminbird 140 с model is 200 KHZ, thanks to such frequency the fishfinder shows great performance and balance whatever the conditions are. Apart from that the pictures will always be at the highest level and extremely clear and visible. Thanks to the SideFinding feature at any side of the boat, the transducer is able to turn in any direction you need.


Display/screen (size and resolution):

The images that are displayed on the screen can be of both variants: black and white or colored. Nevertheless, all the images will always be visible, accurate, clear and of a very high quality. The screen of this model is big enough to see such colorful pictures as it is 3/5 inches with the pixel resolution 320 by 240. When selecting the right fishfinder, one should know the fact that the higher the resolution is the better pictures you get.

Note* the minimum pixel resolution you can get in a fishfinder is approximately 240 by 240. Every fishfinder with lower pixel resolution isn’t recommended as the image quality will be very low.



The power in such devices as fishfinders is measured in watts/peak to peak point. Speaking about the Humminbird 140c its power is 1000 watts. The more the power output is the better result the unit is capable of showing.

Fixed or potable:

There are two types of fishfinders that a fisherman can select. The first one is a fixed device and it is more suitable for those anglers, who have their own boat and use it often, therefore they can fix it to the boat (hull, stern, trolling motor) and not worry about it anymore.  Whereas in case with anglers, who rent boats, portable devices are better, as they can take it with them after the fishing.

The Humminbird 140c fishfinder is the portable model, it is lightweight, consequently can be carried around, used in different boats, situations, and even weather conditions. It functions as perfect as fixed models, the only difference is the portability.

Easy to use:

This model is very easy to use and manipulate therefore it is recommended to both professionals and fishermen without much experience. In the majority of cases, you will even not need the manual to understand how it works. The most important is the picture on the screen and with the qualitative Humminbird display one will get the clearest picture ever. Therefore, there will be no problems while operating the fishfinder 140c.

Comparison of the humminburd 140c with other models:

There are some features that are not present in the Humminbird 140c when comparing with, for instance, Garmin echo 200. In the Garmin echo 200 model such feature as smooth scaling (aimed at preventing different interruptions while you are watching the sonar images) is present whereas in the Humminbird 140c it doesn’t.

There is a distinction between the displays size too. The Humminbird is equipped with a 3.5 inches screen whereas the Garmin echo 200 has the 5-inch screen. Therefore, the vision of the images is better and the surface area too.



–    very easy to use even for novice, no manual is needed

–    colored 3.5-inch display that gives a chance to see everything clearly and read all the data and information

–    the portable model that can be taken anywhere anytime at any type of vessel

–    affordable and reasonable price



–    some models manufactured by other companies but having the same price, have more powerful sonars

–    the absence of GPS ad Chart-plotting

–    The features in this particular model are basic and consequently might not suit for professional and skilled fishermen.

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