Humminbird 1198c FishFinder

Humminbird 1198c fishfinder reviewThe Humminbird company is a very popular manufacturer that produces fishfinders and other equipment for both skilled and amateur anglers. The variety if their devices is huge, starting from different prices, features, functions etc. One of the latest models they have proposed to the market is the Humminbird 1198с. Having this particular model, you will be capable of catching more fish without any difficulties that you might have experienced before.

Apart from all that it has some specific features that are unique in its own way and due to this fact, the performance of the fishfinder is just incredible.

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Humminbird 1198c Review

Features of the Humminbird 1198c:

  • The presence of an LCD LED display enables you to see all types of fish under water even when the sunlight is very bright and direct.
  • The size of the screen is pretty big, to be precise 10.4” inches
  • The pixel resolution is very powerful – 600V by 800H
  • Exceptional clear visibility of the sea/river floor thanks to the sonar coverage that is 180 degrees.
  • The presence of an external GPS that includes 50 channels along with SD card, aimed at loading Navionics charts.
  • Ability to share the sonar data and GPS among different units through Ethernet
  • The power is measured in watts and the Humminbird 1198c peak to peak is 8000 watts
  • The microprocessor is very fast and advanced
  • Depth capability is 1500ft and the down beam is 83/200 KHZ
  • When scanning the fish under water, the side scanning can reach the whole 240 ft and 150 ft depth. These measurements make the down and side definition very high.


Apart from all these features, there are a few more, that should compulsory be added to the list. They are the following:

  1. Transducer:

The transducer is the main and most often used device among anglers while fishing. And that’s why the quality of the transducer in the Humminbird 1198c is very high. To get the best results, it should always be kept under water, because in this way it gets electrical energy from the receiver and converts it to the so-called sound waves, and then back to electrical signals which in their turn will be displayed on the flasher. Depth capability of this particular model is 1500ft and the down beam is 83/200 KHZ.

  1. Display/ Screen:

The screen of the Humminbird 1198c is really impressive as it is the whole 10.4” inches with the pixel resolution 600V by 800H. Moreover, the display is equipped with a 4.3 TFT color, making amazing sonar images. Additionally to that it also has light settings for different conditions, for instance, if the water is dirty, one will still be capable of seeing every fish and creature under the water. The situation, on the contrary, is with the direct sunlight, but even in these conditions the screen will cope just perfectly.

  1. Power:

The power of such devices as fishfinders is measured in watts/peak to peak, and speaking about the Humminbird 1198c its power is 8000 watts. The output levels of this model are really increased and that’s the reason why it is possible to see and sense the fish even if it is far away, it also reduces noise and improves the depth capability.

  1. Fixed or portable:

There two kinds of fishfinders: portable and fixed. The Humminbird 1198c belongs to portable models. It is very compact and, therefore, can be easily carried around and taken on any boat anytime. The best place for adjusting it is the mount.

  1. Easy to use:

This model from Humminbird company is suitable for both professionals and amateurs as it is easy to put together, all the features are clear and understandable and the usage and manipulation are very easy. Looking at the screen everything is clear there too. As all the pictures of an underwater situation are displayed there, being absolutely crystal, accurate and precise. Knowing all the information and data of everything that is going on under the sea water, one is capable of catching really a lot of fish in any conditions and circumstances.


As all the appliances, and the fishfinders are not an exception, they have both advantages and disadvantages:


–    no matter what the fishing conditions are, the unit will always do its job at the highest level.

–    The 10.4” inch screen lets an angler see the crystal clear pictures or videos.

–    The ability to make side and down pictures is very important. The Humminbird 1198c side scanning can reach the whole 240 ft and 150 ft depth.

–    This fishfinder can be called user-friendly as it is very easy to use and manipulate. In some cases, if you are a novice, you will not even need a manual to understand how it works.


–    The price is quite expensive for people with limited budget, but a huge desire to have such a fishfinder. Comparing it with some other models with the same features manufactured by other companies, this distinction can be clearly seen.

–    Using the maximum mode, it might be hard for a novice/beginner to fully understand the image that appears on the screen.

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