Humminbird 110 Fishfinder

Humminbird 110 fishfinder reviewThe invention of fishfinders is extremely important for those, who don’t and can’t imagine their lives without fishing. Thanks to a fishfinder, it is much easier to find fish in a river or sea, consequently it also makes the whole process simpler too. But the choice of such devices is really huge and one should know and understand the distinctions and features to purchase a good product. One of the best buys on the market today is the Humminbird 110 –it has very good features and is very popular among fishermen. Another reason of its popularity is the brand Hummibird that during all its existence shows durability, reliability and products of a very high quality. Therefore, let’s look closer and detailed at Humminbird 110 features.

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Humminbird 110 Review

  1. Kind of fish:

–    Depending what your favorite fish is, you can decide if you want to catch nearly swimming fish or not. There is a special screen that shows you every underwater type of fish in a symbol way.

–    As soon as you see a fish you like, you will also know how big it is due to special sonar feature.

  1. Display/Screen:

–    The dimension of the Humminbird 110 screen is 4 inches

–    With the help of this display, one is capable of seeing the type of fish as well as its size. The picture is pretty good and visible.

–    Another feature of the display is its resolution. Having the desire to explore some particular areas, you can simply zoom by specifying the fishfinder settings.

–    The resolution is powerful enough, judging from the pixels – 160 by 128

  1. Grayscale:

–    The gray scale feature is designed to show the strongest and lightest sonar signals. Everything depends on the tone of the gray color.  If the color is close to being black, it means that there is a lot of fish near, but if the color is light gray then one is far from the fish. Generally there are 4 scale-gray levels (from light gray to black).

  1. Temperature measurement:

–    Some types of fish prefer to swim in warm water whereas others in cold. Therefore, if you want to catch a particular type of fish, you should know what water it likes and in this way the temperature gauge will assist you.

Of course, all the above-mentioned features of the Humminbird 110 fishfinder are not complete, therefore a few more features and functions should be mentioned. They are:


The transducer was specially designed so that to zoom into a specific area under water and later see everything on the display. The area you have chosen can also be divided into sections. This device is the most useful and necessary among all. And for having and seeing the best results, one should keep the transducer under the water. This fishfinder also has 24 inches fixed pole transducer mounting. And it is portable, meaning that you can use it anytime and anywhere and that it doesn’t take much place.

Display (Size and Resolution)

humminbird 110 displayIn order to see all the fish under water in a good quality, the display should also be very good. Consequently, when buying a fishfinder, pay a special attention to the screen. Small sized screens are not very good and the fish isn’t very visible there. The small sized screen is fine, only in case if it serves as a backup. But if it plays the main role of the fishfinder then, of course, one should opt for the big size. The bigger the display size is  the clearer you will see the whole picture.

Another significant feature about the display is the resolution since it lets concentrate on specific areas and small sections. The Humminbird 110 has 160 by 128 pixels – it is a good resolution, therefore, a good chance to see everything of your interest.


Usually, the power in such devices as fishfinders is measured in watts and is classified in RMS or peak to peak. Speaking about the Humminbird 110 fishfinder its peak to peak is 1000 watts, that is a very powerful result and device at the same time. In order to not waste the power, when catching fish in the shallow waters, use less power, but when one is in deep waters, of course, more power is required.

Portable / Fixed

There are two types of portable fishfinders that a fisherman can select. The first one is fixed device and it is more suitable for those anglers, who have their own boat and use it often, therefore they can fix it to the boat (hull, stern, trolling motor) and not worry about it anymore.  Whereas in case with anglers, who rent boats, portable devices are better, as they can take it with them after the fishing.

The Humminbird 110 fishfinder is the portable model, it is lightweight, consequently can be carried around, used in different boats, situations, and even weather conditions. It functions as perfect as fixed models, the only difference is the portability.

Easy to use

This particular model is very easy to use and manage as it is not equipped with difficult to understand and use features. That is why both professional and amateur fishermen can use it and be absolutely satisfied wit it.

Comparing of the hummingbird 110 with other models

It is obvious that there are differences among fishfinder devices as well as among brands that manufacture them. For instance, comparing the Humminbird 110 with the Lowrance elite 7x, we can see that there is a difference in display size –Humminbird 110 –  4 inches, whereas Lowrance elite 7x-7 inches.  Also the Lowrance elite has a trackback feature, meaning that an angler is capable of having the history of the settings previously chosen or sections previously seen. Unfortunately, with the Humminbird 110, you can’t do that. But that already depends if you want these features to be present or not.

The prices for fishfinder devices also vary and depend on the number of different features that are present in a particular model. Therefore, the Humminbird is three times less expensive than the Lowrance elite 7x.



–    reasonable and affordable price

–    can be used by skilled anglers as well as amateurs

–    easy to manipulate and use


–    for some professional anglers, this model is too simple

–    suitable for small boats only

–    the device has basic features and for those, who want to get more from a fishfinder, this model is not very suitable.

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