Garmin GPSMAP 541s FishFinder

Garmin GPSMAP 541s FishFinderThe well-known GPS producer Garmin has presented us its new Waterproof Marine GPS and chart plotter with a sounder. The model’s name is GPSMAP 541s. Garmin ensures that it has a few unique features as well as many improved ones.  Is it true? Let’s find out. In this review, we will look closer at this device , talk about its most important characteristics and mention customers’ critiques.

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Garmin GPSMAP 541s Review

This model is smaller than its predecessors, however, the screen measures in five inches.  The user-friendly interface makes navigating uncomplicated and enjoyable. Besides, the chart plotter is preloaded with maps of all the U.S. coastlines, comprising the maps of Alaska and Hawaii. The device also has a convenient digital interface for easy chart drawing and planning. It works with satellite images of the full resolution and BlueChart cards. The     auto guide mode is also available.

The Core Functions of GPSMAP 541s Fish Finder from Garmin

The effective dual receiving device clearly detects and demonstrates bottom surface structure and contours, as well as fish targets. It can be used both in fresh and salt water.

The profound and precise GPS receiver works with satellites and ensures fast target detection and tracking. Users can easily upload new maps, with no need to connect a sonar transducer. The fish finder is also equipped with an SD card slot.

Another significant feature of this device is its ability to gain weather data in graphical form right from the satellite (the GXM 51 satellite is set as default).

Users not only get the 3D picture on the screen (the map information is shown in the Fish Eye view and Mariner view), but can also install the Bluechart Vision SD card with maps of different regions. The high screen resolution will show all the details needed for comfortable navigation.  In case you need to get a closer look at some details, like fish or seabed, use the split zoom display. Clear target visibility is also ensured by the Auto Gain Control system.

When we talk about the auto guide, it needs to be mentioned that this device searches through relevant maps and builds the route itself. It automatically chooses the way that avoids all constructions, buoys and shallows. The auto guide is especially convenient to work with when sailing unknown waters. Anger can safely enjoy the road while the GPSMAP 541s does all the donkey work.

And the last, but not least important feature of this fish finder is its ability to show information about both strong and weak returns at the same time. A user will also get graph data on temperature changes in the water.

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