Garmin GPSMAP 431S GPS FishFinder

Garmin GPSMAP 431S GPS FishFinderYou have probably heard about Garmin as one of the most reliable manufacturers of GPS systems. Well, now we are happy to present you their new masterpiece, which is the Garmin GPSMAP 431S GPS dual beam combo. This fish finder has lots of unique features that make it a must-have for fishermen. For example, it is loaded with maps of all lakes situated on the territory of the U.S. and is able to work with the BlueChart Marine Navigation system.

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Garmin 431S Review

The primer component that distinguishes this fish founder from the other models is a reliable GPS system. Easy to use and trustworthy, the GPSMAP 431S is convenient to use when fishing on a lake of any size.

The screen is divided into two parts. The upper one shows the area in the Fish eye view, and the lower one gives 3D mariner picture. This way the angler gets the whole scene before him or her. The dual beam transducer plainly shows bottom outlines and structures, as well as fish targets. There is also an auto guide option available. It automatically searches through all related maps and builds a course that goes around the shallows, buoys and other barriers both above and under the water. It also traces the fish at the same time. Another useful feature of this fish finder is the maps of all the inland lakes, which are available on an SD card. A user will get the full resolution pictures from a satellite.  They will help find any place on the surface or water.

The four inches display is just right for you to see all the details clearly and doesn’t take too much room on your boat. It clearly shows your direction or deviations from the route, as well as the place you came from. You can be sure that this device will support your fishing for at least thirty hours straight.

The Unique Combination of Characteristics that a Good Fish Finder Must Posses

Why is this model so popular among customers? Because it combines all the best technical achievements a chart plotter should have. Just look at them: an uncomplicated interface, a QVGA color screen, the antenna located inside the device, loaded maps, a 240 resolution, auto guidance equipment, an adjusted satellite base map that’s fully mission-capable, and a compact size.


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