Garmin Echo 550C FishFinder

Garmin Echo 550CFishing is an excellent activity, no matter if it is your hobby or your job. However, it gets easier and more fun when it is done using the right tools. A fish finder is one of the useful tools that you want to purchase if you’re an avid fisherman. While your boat is moving, the fish finder display in the pilothouse enables you to see everything that is hidden from you below the surface of the water. It helps you to see the location and the size of the fish swimming below the waters.

Purchasing a fish finder will enable you to maximize your fishing ability and efficiency. Nowadays there are a large number of brands available on the market. The Garmin echo 550c is one of the products that we recommend you to buy. In our review, we will explain why we consider this fish finder one of the best devices in its class.

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Garmin Echo 550C Review


  • Sonar: It is equipped with 120-degree and 60-degree sonar options.
  • The transducer: Thanks to a viewing angle of about 120 degrees and the dual-beam transducer, you are able to see far beyond the sides of your boat. The combination of this feature and the powerful sonar helps you to look into the depth of about 700 ft. in salty water and 1900 ft. in fresh water.
  • Display: The device is equipped with a 256-color 5″ display (2.9 X 4.0 inches). Its resolution is 80 x 640 pixels. Thanks to these display features, you are able to observe the bottom, the fish, and various obstacles. You will also be informed about the water temperature, which is measured by the included temperature sensor. The fish symbol ID identifies the fish targets.
  • Controls: It is equipped with a front panel, which has a four-way cursor pad and three push buttons on its right. You can access the main menu just by touching the Menu key.
  • Frequency, power, and cables: The appliance has 500-watt power and 20′ Cable.
  • Alarm alerts: The device is equipped with audible battery voltage alarms, drift and fish alarms, shallow and deep water alarms.

The menu is designed in such a way that you can find almost all its functions, selections, and controls, with minimum effort. You can also choose the way pages are displayed either through a menu or by pressing the right or left arrow key on the cursor pad. Moreover, you can choose the mode of viewing the pages, which includes full screen, split zoom, flasher, split frequency, log or numbers.

The package of the device contains the Garmin echo 550c Fishfinder itself, a swivel and tilt quick release mount, a transducer with hardware and a mounting bracket trolling motor clamp, power cable, and some documentation. The 1.1-pound product has dimensions of 1.8 x 6 x 5.9 inches.

Thanks to the technology of Garmin Smooth Scaling, this fish finder boasts of a continuous sonar image view. Due to this, you should not  worry about losing your sonar history, as the device changes the depth ranges. There is also the feature of rewinding the sonar history to make sure that nothing has been missed.

Thanks to its simplicity of design, mounting of the device takes only a few minutes. Every mounting element is included into the package and its directions are included in the documentation.

So, let us sum up all the features of this fish finder and distinguish its advantages and disadvantages.


  • The device is extremely easy to install and use.
  • It is equipped with a user-friendly menu.
  • Thanks to the bright screen display, you will be able to see the information clearly even in bright sunlight.


  • According to the review of one of its users, the fish finder may pop out of its holder and fall into water.

Consumers Testimonials

Though the producing company Garmin claims that this Garmin echo 550c Fishfinder is able to determine the water depth, it is far better to use this device only for locating where fish are clogging. Using the clues that you obtain with the help of this appliance, you will be able to choose the baits and presentation needed for the particular fishing situation.

Other customers, who have been using this fish finder, are pleased with its resolution, dual transducer, wattage, and RMS including the price of the appliance. Generally, most of the users that have obtained it are absolutely satisfied with its performance and quality.

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