Garmin Echo 300c FishFinder

Garmin Echo 300cTo make your fishing experience more enjoyable and productive, anglers equip their boats with fishfinders. This is the device that is tremendously helpful, and a must-have unit on a fishing trip. Using a fishfinder, you will be able to see what goes on in the water under your boat, distinguish the bottom line, grass and, of course, the fish.


Garmin is a Swiss company founded in 1989. It produces all kinds of navigation devices for automotive, marine, aviation and sports. It also presents different models of fishfinders. The fishfinder Garmin echo 300c is a great щшexample of Garmin’s high-quality products.

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Garmin Echo 300c Review


  1. Display

The 256-color display of echo 300c is 3,5 inches in diagonal. It is bright and the picture is clearly visible even under direct sunlight.

  1. Power output

The 300 Watts power output allows the device to scan the depth up to 1500 feet and provides a wide viewing angle of 120 degrees.

  1. Automatic gain settings

With this feature, you will be able to adjust the sonar sensitivity and get the objects under the boat  more clearly visualized. For example, adjusting the sensitivity will help you to distinguish on the screen the bottom of the lake and the weeds, identify fish in the grass.

  1. HD-ID technology

This fishfinder is constructed with the Garmin’s patented, innovative HD-ID technology that improves the scanning of moving and static objects and fish. It also reduces the noise. Even when your boat is moving this technology will help you have the clear and informative picture on the screen.

  1. Indication

The convenient indication informs you of the remaining battery life, water temperature, speed, and other useful information.

Let us now consider the parts that echo 300c consists of, and review again important aspects of this fishfinder.


A dual beam transducer allows to explore both deep and shallow waters and get a high-quality image. It provides 120 degrees cone of visibility and reaches 1500 feet deep. It comes with an easy-to-use mounting hardware.


This fishfinder has a color 3,5-inch display. The picture is bright and clear, and you will be able to easily see it even in sunlight.


With 300 Watts output power, echo 300c allows you to have a high-quality scanning of a deep and wide area even when the boat is moving.


You will be able to quickly attach this fishfinder to your boat. It comes with the quick-release mount and a mounting bracket for the transducer. For the anglers who land boats or use different vessels from time to time the portability of this appliance will be an important feature.

Ease of use

This fishfinder is extremely easy to use. It has simple, intuitive menu and gives a clear picture. The Smooth Scaling technology assures that you won’t lose sonar history when the depth range is changed.

Compared to other models

There are many different fishfinder models available for purchase. The most effective way to choose the appliance that will suit you best is to consider different choices and compare them. As an example, we shall compare our Garmin echo 300c to one of the most interesting fishfinders on the market Humminbird 788ci. While echo 300c has a 3,5-inch screen, the Humminbird 778ci allows you to enjoy a larger picture on 5-inch display.

The main difference between these two fishfinders is that Humminbird 788ci contains internal GPS. It includes 50 GPS channels and preloaded map. This means you will be able to see your location with his fishfinder while echo 300c does not have GPS.

With all its additional features, the price of the Humminbird 788ci is almost 3 times higher than the price of Garmin echo 300c. Considering this, you may think that you do not really need a GPS on your fishfinder, and do not want to pay an additional considerable amount of money for it. And in this case, Echo 300c may still be the best choice for you.


  • The fishfinder is simple and even an amateur can easily use it.
  • The display is colorful and gives an excellent picture.
  • It provides extremely accurate and distinct information.
  • This fishfinder has a relatively low price, considering its features and quality.


  • The display is not backlit.
  • Some users find the transducer wire not long enough.

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