Garmin Echo 200 Fishfinder

Garmin Echo 200 Fishfinder ReviewWith the new technologies, fishing becomes an easier and more enjoyable process. Using fishfinders, you can see not only above and around, but also what is beneath your boat. You will know what kind of bottom of the lake is under you and how solid it is. You can see where the fish is and zoom in when you need to see a more detailed picture. Garmin fishfinder has a user-friendly menu that helps you to easily change your settings to get the desired information.

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Garmin Echo 200 Review


Anglers look for the best fishfinders that have useful features and perform according to their expectations. Garmin products are highly functional and are made by taking account all the requirements of the customers. Let’s look through some of the features of Echo 200.

  1. HD-ID technology

The innovative HD-ID technology helps you see objects in the water, the bottom of the lake and the grass quite well. Even if your boat is moving or the object beneath you is moving, you will still have a clear picture, and you will be able to identify correctly almost everything you see on the screen.

  1. 300 Watt power

With 300 Watts power output, this unit can efficiently scan the depth of 1500 ft., which will be enough for most users.

  1. Large screen

The display of the device is 5 inches in diagonal.

The screen shows you grayscale picture. It is not backlit but is well visible even in sunlight.

  1. Dual beam transducer

With the dual beam transducer, you have two frequency options. With this feature, Echo 200 works great both shallow and deep waters. The maximum depth that it can reach is 1500 feet and wide scanning can expand to the 120 degrees.

  1. Smooth Scaling technology

This technology allows you to view uninterrupted picture while you change settings. Besides, this fishfinder maintains sonar history and enables you to rewind and watch it again.

When looking for a great fishfinder which will best suit your needs, you should consider the features of this device and compare them to other products. Let us talk about the main points that you should pay attention to while choosing your fishfinder.


This part of the unit works with sound waves transmitting the signal and receiving back the echo. It can be characterized by its working frequency and the angle of a cone that the device scans.  Garmin 200 has two frequency modes that allow it to reach deep down into the water and scan a wide area.


Clear visualization is crucial for fishfinder convenience. Some newest models are equipped with bright color screens. Although Garmin 200 has a grayscale screen, it is quite vivid and produces clear images, which are visible even in direct sunlight. The size of the screen in this model is bigger than in some other models, which also contributes to better picture quality.


When comparing fishfinders, one of the main things to consider is its power. 300 Watts is the output power of Garmin Echo 200, which is high, when compared to similar devices, and allows scanning deep and wide area.


When choosing a fishfinder, it is important to find out whether the device is portable or designed to be permanently mounted on a boat. If you always go fishing on the same boat then you may choose portable or not portable fishfinder. But if you rent a boat or change them from time to time, then you need a portable device. Garmin Echo 200 is completely portable and can be easily mounted and removed.


Another basic characteristic of fishfinders that may influence the decision to buy one is its simplicity. Easy-to-use, with intuitive menu options and clear, understandable screen picture fishfinder will be chosen first. And this is the description of Garmin Echo 200. It allows you to conveniently watch the scan results and rewind it if you think you missed something important.

Comparison with other models

When you have considered all the above features and still not sure which models of fishfinder to choose, then you have to compare their characteristics. Using above information you can compare Garmin Echo 200 to other models. Let us see what main benefits and weak points this model has.


  • It is user-friendly and easy-to-use.
  • The depth reading is excellent, even when the speed of the boat is high.
  • Large screen, the image is clearly visible even in the sunshine
  • Price is relatively low, considering how many useful features this product has.


  • The manual is brief and not detailed.
  • The screen is grayscale.

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