Garmin Echo 100 Fish Finder

Garmin Echo 100If you are looking for a fish finder, you should obviously look for high quality and value. The Garmin Echo fish finder is definitely the winner in these terms.

The device is equipped with numerous breakthrough features while being very lightweight. Its appliance is perfect for mid-sized and small fishing boats and its tiny size means that it will not take much space on your boat. This device is manufactured according to Garmin’s state of the art fish tracking technology, thanks to which using this fish finder is easier than ever.

The pack of the fish finder contains the fish finder itself, a swivel mount and a tilt, a transducer, power cables, and a booklet with instructions of use. This appliance is pocket friendly and perfect for those, who are on tight budgets. Having read our review on the Garmin Echo 100 fish finder, you will be aware of the product features, its advantages and disadvantages as well as some customer comments about its performance.

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Garmin Echo 100 Review

The Garmin Echo 100 Fish Finder Features:

  • The display is four inches.
  • It is equipped with eight-level gray scale.
  • The device shows maximum depth performance of 600 feet.
  • Thanks to Garmin HD-ID technology, the appliance provides excellent fish arc presentation.
  • Its transmitter power is 100W.
  • Its beam width is up to 60 degrees.
  • It is easy to use due to fast screen updates.
  • It is equipped with audible alarms.
  • Due to auto gain technology, clutter is minimized and the targets are maximized.
  • It has numerous significant features such as water temperature sensor, etc.

Now, let us discuss some features of this fish finder in more detail.

The Transducer

The Garmin Echo 100 fish finder is equipped with a transducer, a mounting bracket, a trolling motor camp, and hardware. The 200 KHz transducer has a 60-degree cone angle. Being extremely powerful, the transducer is very helpful in determining the depths and temperature of the waters, in which you are fishing.

The Display

The appliance comes with a display of four inches, which has an eight-level gray scale and its screen resolution is 160 X 256 pixels. This device also has a two-dimensional imaging. The manufacturers state that the device provides a high definition of images and enhanced separation. The appliance lives up to this claim since the display is very good and clear. Being 2.38 X 3.21 inches, the display is big enough as well.


This fish finder uses sonar power of about 100 watts, and thus it can be considered one of the finest fish finders currently available on the market in terms of power and budget. The appliance ranges between 10V and 20V. Its transmitter’s capacity is 100W (RMS)/ 800W (peak to peak). This device has a 200 KHz sonar frequency and is also equipped with a power cable.


The device has a compact design, thanks to which it is perfect for even small boats. Being easy to mount and small, it is quite portable. Thanks to a tilt mount that is quick to release, it can be easily assembled and dissembled. Being extremely small and extremely portable, this device can save you a great deal of space on your boat.

Ease of use

This fish finder is also extremely easy to use. Moreover, it comes with a manual, which will guide buyers on how it should be used.


  • The appliance is user-friendly and comparatively easy to use for both amateurs and experienced fishermen.
  • The device performs well. Its manufacturers claim that the appliance performs efficiently without any glitches. As we can judge from consumer reviews about the device, most users are satisfied with its performance.
  • It is good value for your money. The marvelous features combined with the pocket-friendly price make this product an extremely good investment.
  • A very high screen resolution of this device (160 X 265 pixels) allows it to show high-quality images.
  • According to the manufacturer, this device saves valuable space. The small size of this fish finder allows saving the valuable space of your boat.


  • The appliance is not equipped with a dual beam.
  • It does not display the speed of water.
  • Its battery charge is not shown on the device’s screen.

Customer Comments

According to some testimonials of the users, who have bought the Garmin Echo 100, it is a good purchase and they are content and happy with this fish finder. Some customers agree that the appliance “does what it says,” thus, they rate it four out of five.

Some customers give this device a five-star rating claiming that it works perfectly.

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