Best FishFinder GPS Combo – Reviews & Guide for 2015

The best GPS combos for finding fish offer double profit from using it rather using two units separately. This solution is the most prominent for fishermen and anglers of any specialization. Whether you seek, nimbly octopuses, fast sharks or even shoal of sprats, this small device will help to find anything. Moreover, a fishfinder will help in navigating yourself on the sea. Getting a fishfinder allowing you to save some money and save your time on operating with twice more units. View all data on a single display after installing only one device. Simple installation and space economy will be an advantage of buying a professional fishfinder. So, how to find the best GPS combo on the market? Simple. Just follow my reviews, in which I approve good products you can deal with.

Top GPS Fishfinder Combo Reviews

Lowrance Elite-4 HDI

Lowrance Elite-4 HDIThis Lowrance Elite-4 HDI professional GPS combo equipped with a large, hi-res LED backlit display with the multi-window option. There is a possibility to choose a three-panel view, which possesses   DownScan Imaging, Broadband Sounder and a map of your region.

The Hybrid Dual Imaging feature provides you with the best view you can possibly imagine. After installation of the unit, your boat transforms into a machine for finding fish. This Lowrance Elite-4 HDI also features the Downscan Overlay option that merge the data from Broadband Sounder and Downscan Imaging. The Advanced Signal Processing feature offers adjustable settings for finding any sort of fish. In addition, you will be able to check out your sonar history with the help of Trackback technology, in case if you think that you have missed something important.

The detailed map of the USA with all lakes, rivers, and coasts included, so you will never need to return to regular maps.


Humminbird 898C HD SI

Humminbird 898C HD SIThe Humminbird 898C HD SI professional fishfinder own a large number of functions to improve your fishing like never before. This little friend will show you a high-res, bright image of the underwater on built-in widescreen display.

The Side Imaging option gives an opportunity to monitor the underwater movement in 240 feet to both directions from your yacht, ship or boat. Humminbird 898C HD SI is able to give full, 360-degree real-time view of the underwater world. All contours, structures and the bottom of a pound will be revealed with the help of the devices’ high frequency.

This device has the SwitchFire option on board, which means that you can choose a different view of the sonar returns. There is a possibility to use two types of systems: narrow beam or wider beam. The narrow one will be helpful for accurate scanning of the bottom while the wider one is perfect for covering a huge area beneath the boat.

The advanced CPS proposes Contour XD mapping including cartography of almost every lake (bigger than your backyard) in the USA. It also features dual SD card slots. This will be useful of saving waypoints and cartography, sonar recordings or even real-time screenshots.

The device offers another advanced option for real geeks. The Ethernet feature allows to connect a bunch of similar devices in one network to monitor the situation more effective.


Lowrance HDS-7 Gen2 Insight

Lowrance HDS-7 Gen2 InsightThere is one more fantastic fishfinder – the Lowrance HDS-7 Gen 2. It has extra-accurate and quickly responding GPS antenna, which informs you about the location and direction of movement. As a lot of units, it features advanced maps of the USA islands, lakes, rivers and shores all in one.

Progressive LED backlight display generates a detailed and contrasty representation.     StructureScan option helps to get an extensive view not only of the bottom but around the boat as well. The eye of the device can see up to 250 feet straight from each side. Accurate information and precise depth are the best sides of this Lowrance product. The TrackBack option will be helpful in case if you would like to review some waypoints or tracking history.

Exactly like the previous model in this review, Lowrance HDS-7 Gen2 Insight offers you a possibility to connect your smartphone or tablet to it using the wireless technology. That is great if you want to use a portable display.


Lowrance Mark-4

Lowrance Mark-4For people, who interested in a low-budget professional GPS combo I would recommend checking out the Lowrance Mark-4 unit. This model has a simpler monochromatic display, unlike the previous models. No LED backlighting here as well. So, this is not really good for using at night, unless you have a good flashlight.

This device features very accurate GPS antenna for the easiest access to the hottest fishing spots. Lowrance Mark-4 consists MicroSD card slot for saving your favorite waypoints and different mapping options.

The advanced dual beam of the detector features 83/200 kHz. Just like the HDS-7 Gen 2 model it has TrackBack option on aboard. With the help of this thing, you can check hot spots for fishing one more time.



Humminbird PiranhaMAX 196Ci

Humminbird PiranhaMAX 196CiOne of the best devices of the color display’s line is definitely the PiranhaMAX 196ci model. It’s great in any way. But with one minor drawback. The 3.5-inch display is just too little for some people.

For sure, on such a price, it can’t offer as many options as Humminbird 898C HD SI, for example. Nonetheless, it contains pro, dual-frequency sonar, which features 220/455 kHz. The powerful 1600 watts PTP is also on board. It allows to see up to 600 feet under the water! That’s a big deal, I should say.

The ergonomic CPS antenna is built in into the device. Thanks to this antenna you will be able to monitor the situation around the boat, view your course and save the best fishing spots on the map!



Humminbird 698ci HD SI

Humminbird 698ci HD SIThe Humminbird 698ci HD SI professional fishfinder possesses Down Imaging and Side Imaging functions, which allow you to have 180-degree view underwater from the sides of your part.

The SwitchFire option, which is just like on the newer 898c HD SI model allows you to choose from two different types of images.

The built-in GPS features Humminbird Unimap with the full map of the USA. Rivers, lakes, shoreline – everything is available. One SD card slot allows you to save the information on your favorite fishing places and even their screenshots to boast in front of friends.



Garmin echoMAP 50s

Garmin echoMAP 50sThe Garmin echoMAP 50s fishfinder is one of the most advanced units on the market today. High resolution, 5-inch LED display provides superior quality of images. A backlight is bright and helps to monitor fish and navigate your boat in any weather conditions.

The unit has a receiver of total 10 Hz (GPS, CLONASS). This feature allows to change your position on the monitor in real time a couple times per second. The GPS is very accurate in putting markers on the map. It has worldwide map, which is extremely detailed.

The professional Echo HD-ID sonar is perfect for finding fish on huge distances. It synchronizes the timing of the return of sonar signal with the position of the boat. As the result, you will have accurate waypoints. You can precisely decide where to fish.

Garmin echoMAP 50s features advanced a dual beam transducer. It transmits 77/200 kHz signal to efficiently analyze the environment. Wireless connection to your mobile device is also available. It’s really easy to use and innovative.


Benefits of Fish Finder GPS Combos

  • Course charting. With the help of GPS navigation, you will have an opportunity to chart a course to any location you want. Most of the fishfinders come with preinstalled packs of maps for accurate navigating through any possible obstacles. As a rule, the USA map is very detailed.
  • Save locations. Today, almost any GPS has an ability to save waypoints. More advanced models have peculiarities to save screenshots. It will be really easy to find the place of the largest concentrations of fish and find the way back in the future. Multiple saving is available.
  • Depth finder feature. Find any kind of fish in the blink of an eye. Deep scanning is perfect for fish that’s attracted to deep pockets of water. This advanced option will provide you the accurate information about the depth around the boat.
  • Water temperature sensor. The most efficient and innovative models have a thermal imager that will be helpful in finding deeper pockets of water or identifying specific types of fish.


Charting Packages for Fish Finders

Almost every GPS fishfinder have the GPS antenna built-in. However, there are some exceptions. Units with old-fashioned antennas are still very popular, but this function is useful now. The built-in antenna has all same functions as a regular, external antenna. Usually, all GPS pre-loaded with maps. As a rule, you can download your own maps to satisfy your needs.  Regular charting packages include next features.


  • This kit features a general map of the USA. There are no details like depth, contour or best places for fishing. While working with it, you will be able to distinguish land from water, nothing extra.
  • This is the thing of Humminbird combo units. Basically, it’s just a more professional version of a basemap, mentioned above. It features contour lines, depth of lakes and rivers. It also has interstate highways.
  • Navionics Gold. Lowrance models offer this function. It gives a lot of useful information such as depth contours, currents, tides, marsh areas, port plans and many more interesting. It allows superior zooming (up to 3 meters) and covers the surface of the entire continent.
  • BlueChart g2 Vision. Auto-pilot technology will lead you to the desired waypoint. It’s simple, just enter a waypoint you need and it automatically propose you the safest and fastest option to get to the final point. Garmin units provide you with latest satellite images of the landscape, give an advanced underwater view.
  • Lowrance Lake Insight. Outstanding detailed maps of lakes and rivers, including Great Lakes area. 200,000 of fishing points give you an amazing possibility to save time. Hi-res images of shore and contour lines, as well as a shaded relief, are also in there.


Tips for Using a Fish Finder GPS Combo

  • Contour lines. Basically, this means depth changes. Drips, ridges, planes, rises of the bottom are hard to define. However, a lot of fishfinders are able to find them. This information is important for experienced anglers, who knows which places a particular type of fish likes the most. If contour lines spaced widely, this means a slow decline in depth. When they stacked closely – the depth change is sharp.
  • Buoys. Advanced charts give you information about different buoys. Everything from color to water temperature. Buoys can say different things, from a prohibition on fishing in a particular place to a good fishing spot.
  • Wrecks. Wrecks attract a lot of fish, but they can be dangerous as well. In order to escape shipwrecks, use your GPS.
  • Seabed. Do you like to fish for species like bluefish? Then the bottom changes are not important for you because such type of fish like upper levels of the water. But if you hunting some demersal fish, you definitely should buy a combo that is able to find any type of fish on the sea bottom. That information is important if you are a professional angler and desire to find a rare fish or crustacean. You will get the accurate data without diving with a mask and flippers.


Final words

If you want to have a good vacation, you just should get yourself a good GPS system. But if you are a fishing enthusiast like myself than having a professional fishfinder is a must for you! So, why to buy two devices, when you can get two-in-one? This decision will save your money, space and time on the boat. With the help of wireless mobile device connecting, you will be able to have all the information in one place and simply enjoy your trip!

If you are ready to get yourself the best GPS combo for finding fish, check out some of the product’s reviews I have listed above. There are just short versions of reviews. You can find more details by clicking on the name of a product you like. Cheers!