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Lowrance Elite-5x 5-Inch Fish Finder

Lowrance Elite-5x ReviewThis review deals with the Lowrance Elite-5x 5-Inch waterproof fish finder’s performance, including top features and consumers’ comments about overall performance and rating. Being one of the best fish finders available on the market, the model offers a new menu layout that makes it easier to use. Moreover, the advanced user mode allows tuning the settings of the device manually. This fish finder is approved for both fresh and salt water and is ideal for large and small boats.

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Lowrance Elite-5x Review

Standout Features

The model allows you tracking your waypoint history and routing easily. It comes in a waterproof, sealed casing and contains an optimized automatic mode.

Having an internal temperature sensor, its dual frequency skimmer transom mount has sonar coverage capabilities of about 120 degrees. The manufacturer claims that aside from effective measuring of water depth and temperature, the transducer ensures the extreme accurateness of this device, making it one of the most appealing models available on the market.

The 5×5 inch Lowrance elite display screen has 480×480 pixels that make it a screen of high-resolution. The appliance also features an enhanced color display of 250 pixels, a backlit keyboard, and LED lighting.

This fish finder is easy to use as well as install. The menu structure of this model is simplified in nature. The tilt and swivel quick release button makes the installation of this fish finder as easy as possible. The advanced trackback feature enables the user to scroll through routing history. The automatic mode of this fish finder makes the process of locating fish or structures an easy operation. Moreover, it is equipped with an inbuilt backup memory feature.

Customer Comments about the Performance of This Fish Finder

This device has been designed with numerous features, such as fish alerts, shallow and depth alarms. Customers have not noticed any problems with the functionality of each of these alarms. They state that it is very easy to use and monitor. However, some customers have mentioned some difficulties with the depth measurement in saltwater.

The inbuilt US-based map provides the user with details of over 3000 lake maps, as well as offshore and coastal maps. To ensure maximum flexibility, the fish finder is also equipped with an SD memory card slot, which is waterproof and comes with map card options such as Navonics and Gold Charts.

You can store up to 3000 waypoints and 100 retractable plot trails, with a maximum of about 10 000 points per trail.

Thanks to the DSI technology, the user can experience a new standard of fishing with the perfect picture-like views of structures, fish, and obstacles.

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Garmin Echo 550C FishFinder

Garmin Echo 550CFishing is an excellent activity, no matter if it is your hobby or your job. However, it gets easier and more fun when it is done using the right tools. A fish finder is one of the useful tools that you want to purchase if you’re an avid fisherman. While your boat is moving, the fish finder display in the pilothouse enables you to see everything that is hidden from you below the surface of the water. It helps you to see the location and the size of the fish swimming below the waters.

Purchasing a fish finder will enable you to maximize your fishing ability and efficiency. Nowadays there are a large number of brands available on the market. The Garmin echo 550c is one of the products that we recommend you to buy. In our review, we will explain why we consider this fish finder one of the best devices in its class.

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Garmin Echo 550C Review


  • Sonar: It is equipped with 120-degree and 60-degree sonar options.
  • The transducer: Thanks to a viewing angle of about 120 degrees and the dual-beam transducer, you are able to see far beyond the sides of your boat. The combination of this feature and the powerful sonar helps you to look into the depth of about 700 ft. in salty water and 1900 ft. in fresh water.
  • Display: The device is equipped with a 256-color 5″ display (2.9 X 4.0 inches). Its resolution is 80 x 640 pixels. Thanks to these display features, you are able to observe the bottom, the fish, and various obstacles. You will also be informed about the water temperature, which is measured by the included temperature sensor. The fish symbol ID identifies the fish targets.
  • Controls: It is equipped with a front panel, which has a four-way cursor pad and three push buttons on its right. You can access the main menu just by touching the Menu key.
  • Frequency, power, and cables: The appliance has 500-watt power and 20′ Cable.
  • Alarm alerts: The device is equipped with audible battery voltage alarms, drift and fish alarms, shallow and deep water alarms.

The menu is designed in such a way that you can find almost all its functions, selections, and controls, with minimum effort. You can also choose the way pages are displayed either through a menu or by pressing the right or left arrow key on the cursor pad. Moreover, you can choose the mode of viewing the pages, which includes full screen, split zoom, flasher, split frequency, log or numbers.

The package of the device contains the Garmin echo 550c Fishfinder itself, a swivel and tilt quick release mount, a transducer with hardware and a mounting bracket trolling motor clamp, power cable, and some documentation. The 1.1-pound product has dimensions of 1.8 x 6 x 5.9 inches.

Thanks to the technology of Garmin Smooth Scaling, this fish finder boasts of a continuous sonar image view. Due to this, you should not  worry about losing your sonar history, as the device changes the depth ranges. There is also the feature of rewinding the sonar history to make sure that nothing has been missed.

Thanks to its simplicity of design, mounting of the device takes only a few minutes. Every mounting element is included into the package and its directions are included in the documentation.

So, let us sum up all the features of this fish finder and distinguish its advantages and disadvantages.


  • The device is extremely easy to install and use.
  • It is equipped with a user-friendly menu.
  • Thanks to the bright screen display, you will be able to see the information clearly even in bright sunlight.


  • According to the review of one of its users, the fish finder may pop out of its holder and fall into water.

Consumers Testimonials

Though the producing company Garmin claims that this Garmin echo 550c Fishfinder is able to determine the water depth, it is far better to use this device only for locating where fish are clogging. Using the clues that you obtain with the help of this appliance, you will be able to choose the baits and presentation needed for the particular fishing situation.

Other customers, who have been using this fish finder, are pleased with its resolution, dual transducer, wattage, and RMS including the price of the appliance. Generally, most of the users that have obtained it are absolutely satisfied with its performance and quality.

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Garmin Echo 300c FishFinder

Garmin Echo 300cTo make your fishing experience more enjoyable and productive, anglers equip their boats with fishfinders. This is the device that is tremendously helpful, and a must-have unit on a fishing trip. Using a fishfinder, you will be able to see what goes on in the water under your boat, distinguish the bottom line, grass and, of course, the fish.


Garmin is a Swiss company founded in 1989. It produces all kinds of navigation devices for automotive, marine, aviation and sports. It also presents different models of fishfinders. The fishfinder Garmin echo 300c is a great щшexample of Garmin’s high-quality products.

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Garmin Echo 300c Review


  1. Display

The 256-color display of echo 300c is 3,5 inches in diagonal. It is bright and the picture is clearly visible even under direct sunlight.

  1. Power output

The 300 Watts power output allows the device to scan the depth up to 1500 feet and provides a wide viewing angle of 120 degrees.

  1. Automatic gain settings

With this feature, you will be able to adjust the sonar sensitivity and get the objects under the boat  more clearly visualized. For example, adjusting the sensitivity will help you to distinguish on the screen the bottom of the lake and the weeds, identify fish in the grass.

  1. HD-ID technology

This fishfinder is constructed with the Garmin’s patented, innovative HD-ID technology that improves the scanning of moving and static objects and fish. It also reduces the noise. Even when your boat is moving this technology will help you have the clear and informative picture on the screen.

  1. Indication

The convenient indication informs you of the remaining battery life, water temperature, speed, and other useful information.

Let us now consider the parts that echo 300c consists of, and review again important aspects of this fishfinder.


A dual beam transducer allows to explore both deep and shallow waters and get a high-quality image. It provides 120 degrees cone of visibility and reaches 1500 feet deep. It comes with an easy-to-use mounting hardware.


This fishfinder has a color 3,5-inch display. The picture is bright and clear, and you will be able to easily see it even in sunlight.


With 300 Watts output power, echo 300c allows you to have a high-quality scanning of a deep and wide area even when the boat is moving.


You will be able to quickly attach this fishfinder to your boat. It comes with the quick-release mount and a mounting bracket for the transducer. For the anglers who land boats or use different vessels from time to time the portability of this appliance will be an important feature.

Ease of use

This fishfinder is extremely easy to use. It has simple, intuitive menu and gives a clear picture. The Smooth Scaling technology assures that you won’t lose sonar history when the depth range is changed.

Compared to other models

There are many different fishfinder models available for purchase. The most effective way to choose the appliance that will suit you best is to consider different choices and compare them. As an example, we shall compare our Garmin echo 300c to one of the most interesting fishfinders on the market Humminbird 788ci. While echo 300c has a 3,5-inch screen, the Humminbird 778ci allows you to enjoy a larger picture on 5-inch display.

The main difference between these two fishfinders is that Humminbird 788ci contains internal GPS. It includes 50 GPS channels and preloaded map. This means you will be able to see your location with his fishfinder while echo 300c does not have GPS.

With all its additional features, the price of the Humminbird 788ci is almost 3 times higher than the price of Garmin echo 300c. Considering this, you may think that you do not really need a GPS on your fishfinder, and do not want to pay an additional considerable amount of money for it. And in this case, Echo 300c may still be the best choice for you.


  • The fishfinder is simple and even an amateur can easily use it.
  • The display is colorful and gives an excellent picture.
  • It provides extremely accurate and distinct information.
  • This fishfinder has a relatively low price, considering its features and quality.


  • The display is not backlit.
  • Some users find the transducer wire not long enough.

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Garmin Echo 200 Fishfinder

Garmin Echo 200 Fishfinder ReviewWith the new technologies, fishing becomes an easier and more enjoyable process. Using fishfinders, you can see not only above and around, but also what is beneath your boat. You will know what kind of bottom of the lake is under you and how solid it is. You can see where the fish is and zoom in when you need to see a more detailed picture. Garmin fishfinder has a user-friendly menu that helps you to easily change your settings to get the desired information.

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Garmin Echo 200 Review


Anglers look for the best fishfinders that have useful features and perform according to their expectations. Garmin products are highly functional and are made by taking account all the requirements of the customers. Let’s look through some of the features of Echo 200.

  1. HD-ID technology

The innovative HD-ID technology helps you see objects in the water, the bottom of the lake and the grass quite well. Even if your boat is moving or the object beneath you is moving, you will still have a clear picture, and you will be able to identify correctly almost everything you see on the screen.

  1. 300 Watt power

With 300 Watts power output, this unit can efficiently scan the depth of 1500 ft., which will be enough for most users.

  1. Large screen

The display of the device is 5 inches in diagonal.

The screen shows you grayscale picture. It is not backlit but is well visible even in sunlight.

  1. Dual beam transducer

With the dual beam transducer, you have two frequency options. With this feature, Echo 200 works great both shallow and deep waters. The maximum depth that it can reach is 1500 feet and wide scanning can expand to the 120 degrees.

  1. Smooth Scaling technology

This technology allows you to view uninterrupted picture while you change settings. Besides, this fishfinder maintains sonar history and enables you to rewind and watch it again.

When looking for a great fishfinder which will best suit your needs, you should consider the features of this device and compare them to other products. Let us talk about the main points that you should pay attention to while choosing your fishfinder.


This part of the unit works with sound waves transmitting the signal and receiving back the echo. It can be characterized by its working frequency and the angle of a cone that the device scans.  Garmin 200 has two frequency modes that allow it to reach deep down into the water and scan a wide area.


Clear visualization is crucial for fishfinder convenience. Some newest models are equipped with bright color screens. Although Garmin 200 has a grayscale screen, it is quite vivid and produces clear images, which are visible even in direct sunlight. The size of the screen in this model is bigger than in some other models, which also contributes to better picture quality.


When comparing fishfinders, one of the main things to consider is its power. 300 Watts is the output power of Garmin Echo 200, which is high, when compared to similar devices, and allows scanning deep and wide area.


When choosing a fishfinder, it is important to find out whether the device is portable or designed to be permanently mounted on a boat. If you always go fishing on the same boat then you may choose portable or not portable fishfinder. But if you rent a boat or change them from time to time, then you need a portable device. Garmin Echo 200 is completely portable and can be easily mounted and removed.


Another basic characteristic of fishfinders that may influence the decision to buy one is its simplicity. Easy-to-use, with intuitive menu options and clear, understandable screen picture fishfinder will be chosen first. And this is the description of Garmin Echo 200. It allows you to conveniently watch the scan results and rewind it if you think you missed something important.

Comparison with other models

When you have considered all the above features and still not sure which models of fishfinder to choose, then you have to compare their characteristics. Using above information you can compare Garmin Echo 200 to other models. Let us see what main benefits and weak points this model has.


  • It is user-friendly and easy-to-use.
  • The depth reading is excellent, even when the speed of the boat is high.
  • Large screen, the image is clearly visible even in the sunshine
  • Price is relatively low, considering how many useful features this product has.


  • The manual is brief and not detailed.
  • The screen is grayscale.

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Garmin Echo 100 Fish Finder

Garmin Echo 100If you are looking for a fish finder, you should obviously look for high quality and value. The Garmin Echo fish finder is definitely the winner in these terms.

The device is equipped with numerous breakthrough features while being very lightweight. Its appliance is perfect for mid-sized and small fishing boats and its tiny size means that it will not take much space on your boat. This device is manufactured according to Garmin’s state of the art fish tracking technology, thanks to which using this fish finder is easier than ever.

The pack of the fish finder contains the fish finder itself, a swivel mount and a tilt, a transducer, power cables, and a booklet with instructions of use. This appliance is pocket friendly and perfect for those, who are on tight budgets. Having read our review on the Garmin Echo 100 fish finder, you will be aware of the product features, its advantages and disadvantages as well as some customer comments about its performance.

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Garmin Echo 100 Review

The Garmin Echo 100 Fish Finder Features:

  • The display is four inches.
  • It is equipped with eight-level gray scale.
  • The device shows maximum depth performance of 600 feet.
  • Thanks to Garmin HD-ID technology, the appliance provides excellent fish arc presentation.
  • Its transmitter power is 100W.
  • Its beam width is up to 60 degrees.
  • It is easy to use due to fast screen updates.
  • It is equipped with audible alarms.
  • Due to auto gain technology, clutter is minimized and the targets are maximized.
  • It has numerous significant features such as water temperature sensor, etc.

Now, let us discuss some features of this fish finder in more detail.

The Transducer

The Garmin Echo 100 fish finder is equipped with a transducer, a mounting bracket, a trolling motor camp, and hardware. The 200 KHz transducer has a 60-degree cone angle. Being extremely powerful, the transducer is very helpful in determining the depths and temperature of the waters, in which you are fishing.

The Display

The appliance comes with a display of four inches, which has an eight-level gray scale and its screen resolution is 160 X 256 pixels. This device also has a two-dimensional imaging. The manufacturers state that the device provides a high definition of images and enhanced separation. The appliance lives up to this claim since the display is very good and clear. Being 2.38 X 3.21 inches, the display is big enough as well.


This fish finder uses sonar power of about 100 watts, and thus it can be considered one of the finest fish finders currently available on the market in terms of power and budget. The appliance ranges between 10V and 20V. Its transmitter’s capacity is 100W (RMS)/ 800W (peak to peak). This device has a 200 KHz sonar frequency and is also equipped with a power cable.


The device has a compact design, thanks to which it is perfect for even small boats. Being easy to mount and small, it is quite portable. Thanks to a tilt mount that is quick to release, it can be easily assembled and dissembled. Being extremely small and extremely portable, this device can save you a great deal of space on your boat.

Ease of use

This fish finder is also extremely easy to use. Moreover, it comes with a manual, which will guide buyers on how it should be used.


  • The appliance is user-friendly and comparatively easy to use for both amateurs and experienced fishermen.
  • The device performs well. Its manufacturers claim that the appliance performs efficiently without any glitches. As we can judge from consumer reviews about the device, most users are satisfied with its performance.
  • It is good value for your money. The marvelous features combined with the pocket-friendly price make this product an extremely good investment.
  • A very high screen resolution of this device (160 X 265 pixels) allows it to show high-quality images.
  • According to the manufacturer, this device saves valuable space. The small size of this fish finder allows saving the valuable space of your boat.


  • The appliance is not equipped with a dual beam.
  • It does not display the speed of water.
  • Its battery charge is not shown on the device’s screen.

Customer Comments

According to some testimonials of the users, who have bought the Garmin Echo 100, it is a good purchase and they are content and happy with this fish finder. Some customers agree that the appliance “does what it says,” thus, they rate it four out of five.

Some customers give this device a five-star rating claiming that it works perfectly.

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Humminbird 1198c FishFinder

Humminbird 1198c fishfinder reviewThe Humminbird company is a very popular manufacturer that produces fishfinders and other equipment for both skilled and amateur anglers. The variety if their devices is huge, starting from different prices, features, functions etc. One of the latest models they have proposed to the market is the Humminbird 1198с. Having this particular model, you will be capable of catching more fish without any difficulties that you might have experienced before.

Apart from all that it has some specific features that are unique in its own way and due to this fact, the performance of the fishfinder is just incredible.

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Humminbird 1198c Review

Features of the Humminbird 1198c:

  • The presence of an LCD LED display enables you to see all types of fish under water even when the sunlight is very bright and direct.
  • The size of the screen is pretty big, to be precise 10.4” inches
  • The pixel resolution is very powerful – 600V by 800H
  • Exceptional clear visibility of the sea/river floor thanks to the sonar coverage that is 180 degrees.
  • The presence of an external GPS that includes 50 channels along with SD card, aimed at loading Navionics charts.
  • Ability to share the sonar data and GPS among different units through Ethernet
  • The power is measured in watts and the Humminbird 1198c peak to peak is 8000 watts
  • The microprocessor is very fast and advanced
  • Depth capability is 1500ft and the down beam is 83/200 KHZ
  • When scanning the fish under water, the side scanning can reach the whole 240 ft and 150 ft depth. These measurements make the down and side definition very high.


Apart from all these features, there are a few more, that should compulsory be added to the list. They are the following:

  1. Transducer:

The transducer is the main and most often used device among anglers while fishing. And that’s why the quality of the transducer in the Humminbird 1198c is very high. To get the best results, it should always be kept under water, because in this way it gets electrical energy from the receiver and converts it to the so-called sound waves, and then back to electrical signals which in their turn will be displayed on the flasher. Depth capability of this particular model is 1500ft and the down beam is 83/200 KHZ.

  1. Display/ Screen:

The screen of the Humminbird 1198c is really impressive as it is the whole 10.4” inches with the pixel resolution 600V by 800H. Moreover, the display is equipped with a 4.3 TFT color, making amazing sonar images. Additionally to that it also has light settings for different conditions, for instance, if the water is dirty, one will still be capable of seeing every fish and creature under the water. The situation, on the contrary, is with the direct sunlight, but even in these conditions the screen will cope just perfectly.

  1. Power:

The power of such devices as fishfinders is measured in watts/peak to peak, and speaking about the Humminbird 1198c its power is 8000 watts. The output levels of this model are really increased and that’s the reason why it is possible to see and sense the fish even if it is far away, it also reduces noise and improves the depth capability.

  1. Fixed or portable:

There two kinds of fishfinders: portable and fixed. The Humminbird 1198c belongs to portable models. It is very compact and, therefore, can be easily carried around and taken on any boat anytime. The best place for adjusting it is the mount.

  1. Easy to use:

This model from Humminbird company is suitable for both professionals and amateurs as it is easy to put together, all the features are clear and understandable and the usage and manipulation are very easy. Looking at the screen everything is clear there too. As all the pictures of an underwater situation are displayed there, being absolutely crystal, accurate and precise. Knowing all the information and data of everything that is going on under the sea water, one is capable of catching really a lot of fish in any conditions and circumstances.


As all the appliances, and the fishfinders are not an exception, they have both advantages and disadvantages:


–    no matter what the fishing conditions are, the unit will always do its job at the highest level.

–    The 10.4” inch screen lets an angler see the crystal clear pictures or videos.

–    The ability to make side and down pictures is very important. The Humminbird 1198c side scanning can reach the whole 240 ft and 150 ft depth.

–    This fishfinder can be called user-friendly as it is very easy to use and manipulate. In some cases, if you are a novice, you will not even need a manual to understand how it works.


–    The price is quite expensive for people with limited budget, but a huge desire to have such a fishfinder. Comparing it with some other models with the same features manufactured by other companies, this distinction can be clearly seen.

–    Using the maximum mode, it might be hard for a novice/beginner to fully understand the image that appears on the screen.

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Humminbird 788ci FishFinder

Humminbird 788ci FishFinder ReviewThere exist so many different fishfinders produced by different companies that sometimes it is extremely hard to choose the one that will suit an angler most of all. However, speaking about the Humminbird manufacturer, they produce one of the best fishfinders that help every fisherman to receive the results he wants. Among all the models especially popular is the Humminbird 788ci – it is very reliable, portable, with multiple features and, of course, excellent performance.

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Humminbird 788ci Review

  1. Resolution

–    Resolution is one of the most significant features that should be taken into consideration when buying a fishfinder, and speaking about the 788ci model its resolution is 640 by 640 pixel – that is a really good result. Also remember, the higher the resolution is, the better images an angler will get.

–    Having such a great resolution the unit is capable of catching very small fish or other creatures even if they are at a very long distance.

–    The screen also plays a very important role as it helps to see all the data and images processed by the fishfinder. The Humminbird 788ci screen is colorful; all the images that are displayed are clear, sharp and visible. One will never be able to get such results with a small sized screen.

  1. Double beam plus

–    The sonar system is 200/83 KHZ and the area it is able to cover is very big.

–    The central beam focus has a zoom with an extra beam that expands the area you wish to cover and combine it with the depth.

–    As the double beam is split, the returns can be seen in a few ways: side by side, separately or all mixed together.

–    No matter what the weather conditions are or marine environment is, the most important is that this unit will work in any circumstances as well as in salt and fresh water.

  1. Depth capacity

–    This particular model from the Humminbird brand is capable of going down of up to 1500 feet.

–    With the help of such depth, every fisherman will be able to make an analysis of the sea or river bottom without any difficulties.

  1. Internal GPS

– The internal GPS of the 788ci model offers 50 channels that give an opportunity to measure and count the distance and location to the preferable and chosen areas.

  1. SD Card

– There is only one card slot and it is used to load in Navionics LakeMaster charts.

– This chart is also able to include the boat trail, save all the waypoints and selected tracks. By pinning a specific point, you will be able to know and remember which areas you have already visited.

These five above-mentioned features are not everything the Humminbird 788ci is able to propose. There are much more features it is equipped with. They are:


The transducer is one the most necessary and often used features as it helps an angler to understand where the fish is with the help of sound waves. The transducer should be kept underwater for better performance and great catch.


The Humminbird 788ci offers a 5” inch screen that is way better than its competitors with smaller displays. It is a TFT screen and therefore it always produces clear, visible and sharp images of the underwater objects. An angler can also adjust light settings that will let him go fishing day and night without having problems with a strain on the eyes.


Power in such devices as fishfinders is measured in watts/peak to peak and speaking about the 788 ci model its power output is 500 watts. Remember, the bigger the power output is, the better performance the finder will demonstrate. In this case better performance means, for instance, detecting of even small object that are deep under the water or at a long distance. Also it reduces the noise, yet keeps working excellent even at high speed and depth proficiency.

Fixed and Portable

As the size of the Humminbird 788ci is compact, it belongs to portable fishfinders. Though one has an opportunity to fix it to any type of vessel, in order to have the hands free.

Easy to use

This exceptional fishfinder is suitable for both professionals and amateurs as it is easy to use and manipulate, without using any tips from the included manual. As the interface is user-friendly too, it will be very simple to adjust any settings you wish and later see the results on a 5” inch screen.

Comparison with other models

When making a final decision, one should know the difference among different models. And if we, for example, compare the Humminbird 788ci with Lowrance elite 4x, we will see the following differences. First of all it is the distinction in screen size. While the Humminbird 788ci proposes 5” inch screen, the Lowrance elite 4x only 3.5-inch screen. The second distinction is in resolution. The resolution of the Humminbird 788ci is 640 by 640, whereas Lawrence elite 4x only 320 by 240 pixel and that is twice smaller. That’s why knowing the differences among different models is very important as it will help you to make the best buy.

All the units and products have both advantages and disadvantages and fishfinders are not an exception. Here are the strengths and weaknesses of the Humminbird 788ci:


–    Very easy to operate even for amateurs

–    Durable and portable

–    Big bright display with incredible resolution lets an angler see everything that is happening underwater in great details.


–    A little expensive (not for every budget)

–    The TFT screen consumes more power

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Humminbird 385ci FishFinder

Humminbird 385ci FishFinder ReviewThere exist different types of fishfinders, they vary in features, size, price, quality and so on and so forth. However, if you are a fan of technologically new and modern devices but don’t have much place for a big fishfinder, then the Humminbird 385 ci is what you need. It was specially manufactured for people who need a compact size along with effectiveness and excellent performance of the finder. Though it is compact and smaller than regular fishfinders, it doesn’t mean that it functions any worse, on the contrary, it can be compared with regular models.

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Humminbird 385ci Review


  1. The LCD display is quite big – 3.5 inches with the pixel resolution- 320V by 240H.
  2. The GPS is internal and includes the buil-in UniMap. The UniMap demonstrates all the US coastlines, lakes and rivers with 30m per pixel resolution. Also thanks to UniMap one is capable of pointing all the visited places.
  3. The screen of this model is pretty big but apart from that, it is also colorful, to be precise it has 256 colors plus a unique SwitchFire technology. The aim of the SwithFire is to make the best pictures of the lake or river floor. Depending on the weather and fishing conditions, one can always adjust the full control, thereby making the down-looking sonar more valuable fish finding device.
  4. The presence of a built-in card allows an angler to upgrade the Navionics chip for better navigation and improved map details.
  5. Its compact size makes this particular fishfinder very portable, thus giving a fisherman an ability to take it anywhere and anytime. Despite its small size, the performance it demonstrates is excellent.
  6. The voltage of the outputs is 1,2 V DC.
  7. The Output power of the Humminbird 385ci is 300 watts.
  8. The presence of a Split Screen Zoom feature. This unique feature is aimed at showing independent and separate sonar returns that are close to each other. The screen is divided into two parts: the first part shows the right narrow slice of the full range view and the second part shows the left zoomed view.
  9. The unit also includes additional features, such as GPS antennae, SD card slot for keeping more information and data as well as many other.
  10. The updating process of the real-time sonar is very fast, it shows returns from the river/lake floor as well as fish and other creatures. Also, it shows the structure.
  11. The beam sonar is dual, the beam precision of which is 20 degrees. With such precision the returns of the structure are very accurate, fish is visible and the bottom of the river or lake is clear. If to make the precision wider, let’s say, 60 degrees then one will be provided with a bigger covered area, consequently showing more fish. This dual beam switch is a very necessary feature as it lets an angler see the beams blended together side by side or separately.
  12. The technology it consists of is very easy even for the angler, who will use this type of fishfinder for the first time. This technology includes the following: trip log, large digital view and digital readouts, X-press menu system, and quick disconnect mounting. The presence of a TrueArch technology empties the sonar data processing and in this way it reduces the noise and interruptions, yet reveals echoes that result in a big number of caught fish. Also thanks to this feature it is easy to understand the size of the fish as well as how deep it is.



–    due to its compact size it is very portable

–    affordable price for every angler with different budget

–    the screen is bright and shows accurate images even when the sunlight is direct

–    the really small size of the unit

–    the presence of the foot’s depth range, it is designed in a way so that to adjust the fishfinder in the right and proper way in order to use the screen space at the maximum level. Usually cheap models don’t have such feature.


–    sometimes the bottom of the screen jumps into zoom

–    as the finder is of a small size, sometimes to read the data one will need to get really close to the device.

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Humminbird Fishfinder 581i Combo

Humminbird 581i Combo Fishfinder 581i ReviewThe best way to get a good catch is to choose the right fishfinder, but this task isn’t as easy as it might seem from the first glance as an angler should know all the features and characteristics to be able to select the best one. And the fishfinder 581i Combo from the Humminbird company is considered to be one of the most reliable, qualitative and durable. In this unit, all the modern technologies were used to make the fishing as pleasant and quick as it is only possible.

Having such a finder, one may not worry about the marine environment and fishing conditions. It should be also mentioned that the Humminbird 581i Combo is equipped with a lot of exceptional features that should definitely be written in order to see the whole picture and understand everything about the unit.

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Humminbird 581i Review

  1. Advanced fishing systems

– There is a special WeatherSense gauge that is present in the unit as well as a downrigger with interlink for different units.

  1. Programmable buttons

– There are three special though different knobs. Their main aim is to show the best views of the underwater situation.

  1. Super high resolution

– The bigger the resolution is the better and clearer picture you get. You may adjust the settings to a specific area you are interested in and get the pictures of it. The picture quality displayed on the screen is extremely important as it means the overall result of the fishing and catch. The resolution of a Humminbird 581i Combo is 640 by 320- is a really high resolution.

  1. Screen

– The size of the screen is really significant as it shows the picture and all the data about the fish or other creatures. In cases with a small screen, one will have to get closer to the display to read the information. But that is not the case with the 581i Combo as it is equipped with a 5” inch screen, moreover, it is Grayscale.

  1. Dual beam

– The sonar system of this particular fishfinder is 200/83 KHZ that lets it cover quite a large area.

– The dual beam feature has an additional beam which lets an angler make the preferable or chosen area wider as well as see the depth. If the depth is 20 feet and the coverage area is also 20 ft width then it is a really good example.

– The dual beam feature can be used anytime – day and night, anywhere – deep or shallow waters and in any type of water – be it sea, river or lake.

  1. Internal GPS

– The main goal of the internal GPS is to first of all work together with the sonar and secondly determine the location where an angler is. The clear and accurate underwater situation will also be always available thanks to the map on the grid.

– Apart from that, an angler will be capable of seeing the speed and his heading.


All the above-mentioned features are not complete and, therefore, a few more points should be said and taken into consideration by the anglers, in order to make the final right decision.


One of the first things an angler should pay attention to is the transducer as it is one of the most significant and often used features. Thanks to it, the energy transmits through the water and creates sound waves that let the fisherman know about the fish amount etc. After the beam back is reflected, it is processed by the fishfinder and the accurate and clear picture is displayed of the screen.

Display/Screen (Size and Resolution)

The size of the screen plays a very important role in the selection of the finder. The Humminbird 581i Combo offers a 5”inch screen that is really comfortable to see the images and read the data. Also, this screen protects your eyes from any strains that might happen when looking at the minute pictures. The resolution is also very high, to be precise- 640 by 320 pixel. With such a resolution one is capable of seeing all the fish, determine its type as well as how far or deep it is.

Note* the higher the resolution of a fishfinder is, the better pictures a fisherman will get.


The power in such devices as fishfinders is measured in watts/peak to peak. In case with the Humminbird 581i Combo, it has a power output of 250 watts.

Note* the more power the fishfinder is capable of producing, the better it is for the fisherman as it allows him to see the fish even at long distances. Also when moving on a high speed, the performance stays as excellent as when the vessel doesn’t move.

Fixed or portable

There exist two kinds of fishfinders: portable and fixed. As the size of the 581i Combo it really small and compact, it consequently belongs to portable models. It can be taken anywhere and anytime due to its lightweight. Also with a simple finger click, one can select different settings that are proposed on the interface.

Easy to use

When using this particular fishfinder, no manual will be needed as it is user-friendly and understandable even for amateurs. That’s why this model can be used by both professional skilled anglers as well as beginners.

As all the units, the Humminbird 581i Combo has its advantages and disadvantages. They are the following:


–    The variety of exceptional features makes the unit very modern and effective

–    Very easy to use, consequently not only professionals can use and operate it.


–    Sometimes the Grayscale feature gives not very precise image of the underwater situation


Humminbird 110 Fishfinder

Humminbird 110 fishfinder reviewThe invention of fishfinders is extremely important for those, who don’t and can’t imagine their lives without fishing. Thanks to a fishfinder, it is much easier to find fish in a river or sea, consequently it also makes the whole process simpler too. But the choice of such devices is really huge and one should know and understand the distinctions and features to purchase a good product. One of the best buys on the market today is the Humminbird 110 –it has very good features and is very popular among fishermen. Another reason of its popularity is the brand Hummibird that during all its existence shows durability, reliability and products of a very high quality. Therefore, let’s look closer and detailed at Humminbird 110 features.

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Humminbird 110 Review

  1. Kind of fish:

–    Depending what your favorite fish is, you can decide if you want to catch nearly swimming fish or not. There is a special screen that shows you every underwater type of fish in a symbol way.

–    As soon as you see a fish you like, you will also know how big it is due to special sonar feature.

  1. Display/Screen:

–    The dimension of the Humminbird 110 screen is 4 inches

–    With the help of this display, one is capable of seeing the type of fish as well as its size. The picture is pretty good and visible.

–    Another feature of the display is its resolution. Having the desire to explore some particular areas, you can simply zoom by specifying the fishfinder settings.

–    The resolution is powerful enough, judging from the pixels – 160 by 128

  1. Grayscale:

–    The gray scale feature is designed to show the strongest and lightest sonar signals. Everything depends on the tone of the gray color.  If the color is close to being black, it means that there is a lot of fish near, but if the color is light gray then one is far from the fish. Generally there are 4 scale-gray levels (from light gray to black).

  1. Temperature measurement:

–    Some types of fish prefer to swim in warm water whereas others in cold. Therefore, if you want to catch a particular type of fish, you should know what water it likes and in this way the temperature gauge will assist you.

Of course, all the above-mentioned features of the Humminbird 110 fishfinder are not complete, therefore a few more features and functions should be mentioned. They are:


The transducer was specially designed so that to zoom into a specific area under water and later see everything on the display. The area you have chosen can also be divided into sections. This device is the most useful and necessary among all. And for having and seeing the best results, one should keep the transducer under the water. This fishfinder also has 24 inches fixed pole transducer mounting. And it is portable, meaning that you can use it anytime and anywhere and that it doesn’t take much place.

Display (Size and Resolution)

humminbird 110 displayIn order to see all the fish under water in a good quality, the display should also be very good. Consequently, when buying a fishfinder, pay a special attention to the screen. Small sized screens are not very good and the fish isn’t very visible there. The small sized screen is fine, only in case if it serves as a backup. But if it plays the main role of the fishfinder then, of course, one should opt for the big size. The bigger the display size is  the clearer you will see the whole picture.

Another significant feature about the display is the resolution since it lets concentrate on specific areas and small sections. The Humminbird 110 has 160 by 128 pixels – it is a good resolution, therefore, a good chance to see everything of your interest.


Usually, the power in such devices as fishfinders is measured in watts and is classified in RMS or peak to peak. Speaking about the Humminbird 110 fishfinder its peak to peak is 1000 watts, that is a very powerful result and device at the same time. In order to not waste the power, when catching fish in the shallow waters, use less power, but when one is in deep waters, of course, more power is required.

Portable / Fixed

There are two types of portable fishfinders that a fisherman can select. The first one is fixed device and it is more suitable for those anglers, who have their own boat and use it often, therefore they can fix it to the boat (hull, stern, trolling motor) and not worry about it anymore.  Whereas in case with anglers, who rent boats, portable devices are better, as they can take it with them after the fishing.

The Humminbird 110 fishfinder is the portable model, it is lightweight, consequently can be carried around, used in different boats, situations, and even weather conditions. It functions as perfect as fixed models, the only difference is the portability.

Easy to use

This particular model is very easy to use and manage as it is not equipped with difficult to understand and use features. That is why both professional and amateur fishermen can use it and be absolutely satisfied wit it.

Comparing of the hummingbird 110 with other models

It is obvious that there are differences among fishfinder devices as well as among brands that manufacture them. For instance, comparing the Humminbird 110 with the Lowrance elite 7x, we can see that there is a difference in display size –Humminbird 110 –  4 inches, whereas Lowrance elite 7x-7 inches.  Also the Lowrance elite has a trackback feature, meaning that an angler is capable of having the history of the settings previously chosen or sections previously seen. Unfortunately, with the Humminbird 110, you can’t do that. But that already depends if you want these features to be present or not.

The prices for fishfinder devices also vary and depend on the number of different features that are present in a particular model. Therefore, the Humminbird is three times less expensive than the Lowrance elite 7x.



–    reasonable and affordable price

–    can be used by skilled anglers as well as amateurs

–    easy to manipulate and use


–    for some professional anglers, this model is too simple

–    suitable for small boats only

–    the device has basic features and for those, who want to get more from a fishfinder, this model is not very suitable.

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